My Happiness Project

Recently, I have been obsessed with the author Gretchen Rubin. I absolutely LOVE how she writes about her life and makes herself a test subject to learn about happiness. Rubin is the bestselling author of "The Happiness Project". In her book she makes 12 resolutions, each for one month of year, and then carries them... Continue Reading →

Decreasing My Dosage

My whole life I struggled with clinical depression. My mother, and the majority of her family all have severe forms of OCD. Since this is hereditary I always knew I would get some form of mental illness. Luckily for me, I *only* suffer from depression. Depression is not a walk in the park, and it... Continue Reading →

Emotions are Hard

The one thing that I struggle with gravely are my emotions. I see myself as a deeply emotional person. When I look at Kirk I fill with this feeling of love that I never even knew existed. When I look at my brother I fill with so much pride, and when someone hurts him it... Continue Reading →


Looking back on pictures from a year ago and I just want to grab that girl and hug her. She looked so sad behind her smile. She looked like she was barely holding it together, putting on a brave face for the world. She was so hurt, so lost, but yet she continued to try.... Continue Reading →

Growing in Parallel

I used to think cutting people out of my life had to be a bad thing. I used to think that you had to hold onto people even when you both had grown apart from each other. Recently I have come to realize that is not true at all. There are always going to be... Continue Reading →

Be the Light

Yesterday while I was tutoring, I was listening in on a conversation that one of my fellow tutors was having with the young man she was helping. This boy is going into grade 12 with the hopes of getting into a good American university. He came to our tutoring centre in order to get help... Continue Reading →

ALERT: All Women MUST Read

Recently I have been thinking about my future children. Kirk and I will not be getting pregnant any time soon, but the number of women in my life that are having fertility problems has caused me to really consider my future plans. I have just recently decreased my antidepressant dosage, with the plan of getting... Continue Reading →

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