Year in Review

You are either growing or you are dying - Rachel Hollis These are words that I live by. Yesterday when I was driving to one of my student's homes I reflected on my life from a year ago. I am happy to report that I am growing. Have you reflected on your life recently? If... Continue Reading →

Saying No

Since today is Valentine's Day I figured I might as well gush about my love. My boyfriend, Kirk, has many redeeming qualities. He is hardworking, caring, dependable, and loyal, but by far his greatest quality is his ability to say no. Kirk is the king of boundaries. He is amazing at knowing what he wants... Continue Reading →

Attention Seeking

My entire life I have been first. I am the first child by 7 years so I have always done things way before my brother. I was the first child to take to a sport and actually excel at it. I was the first child to graduate from elementary school, high school and post-secondary. I... Continue Reading →


Even if you have walked through a hard time and thought you healed yourself of those emotions you can go backwards, and that's okay! I have been dealing with exactly that when it comes to my money mindset. Back in August I worked really hard to see money as a friend and to realize just... Continue Reading →

Happy Medium

Having a type A personality but also having depression is a very difficult thing to juggle. When I am having an episode all I want to do is forget everything on my to-do list and lie on the couch, but the thought of that makes me crazy. Not checking off everything on my list every... Continue Reading →


Have you ever looked for support from your friends and family on something before you even decided if you wanted to do it? I know I have. Surprisingly it wasn't when I began my business, or decided to become a part of an online community despite our financial situation. It was when I decided to... Continue Reading →


Recently I have been obsessed with the podcast "Rise Together" created by Rachel&Dave Hollis. In this podcast they talk about how they have made their relationship exceptional while having busy lives and raising four children. They often talk about co-dependency in a relationship and how it can be detrimental. Kirk and I were definitely co-dependent... Continue Reading →

Trust your Gut

Trust your gut! How many times have you been told that, and yet you still second guess yourself? I know [I] have second guessed my gut on more than one occasion and each time the situations never really turned out in my favour. I believe our gut reactions are communication from the Universe. These feelings... Continue Reading →

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