My Story and How I Want to Inspire Others

I started this blog initially as a journal. I have always preferred to type rather than write so I was better able to get my emotions out there and work on them through typing them out. I wanted to put my emotions out there because I wanted others who have struggled like me to know that there is someone in their corner… but over the past couple of months I have felt like I could help more people in a way that others have not.

Although mental illness is something that should always be talked about and should never be put back into a box hidden away from others the way it was not even 20 years ago .. there are people out there already advocating for the struggles of people with anxiety and depression. I see warriors every day posting and putting their struggles out there into the world to keep the awareness going, and for them I will always be eternally grateful. Anxiety and depression will always be a part of my story because they will always be a part of who I am, and I will post about them because I struggle with them in my day to day life.. but I no longer want to dwell on the past.

Before starting this blog I wrote down a ton of different posts and ideas in a word document. Most of these ideas had to do with the past and how it has shaped my present circumstances. I wrote about the abusive relationship I was in when I was 15, I wrote about growing up with a mother who suffered from OCD, I wrote about the expectations that I felt were on me, and although these have shaped who I am right now they are not a huge part of my story anymore.

I have been through things no worse and no better than anyone else. I believed for 21 years that I was average and I was destined to live an average life, but after almost a year of delving into who I am and what I want out of life I no longer believe I am average. I believe that I am an extraordinary woman who was put on this Earth to do amazing things. I am no longer going to let the past hold me back or dictate who I am. I am going to move forward into the future.

My future is going to be one of awareness, but not for mental illness, for women like me. Young entrepreneurs who do not have the luxury to make their business a “side-hustle”. I want to advocate for the women who started this journey when they had no idea who they were. When they had no career to fall back on. When they were in school trying to create someone else’s dreams. My team of beautiful and empowering women is filled with young twenty-somethings trying to figure their way around in life. We are not married so we do not get the benefits of another’s salary. We do not have careers because we either just finished school or are still going through it.

This passion started a couple months ago when the term “side-hustle” made me want to throw up in my mouth. This job to me is not a side-hustle, it is a way of life, it is MY career. It is what I am using to pay off my student loans, save up for a house and one day marry my soulmate. It is my only source of valuable income, so to me it is not a side-hustle. Even when I was in school and worked two other jobs it was not a side hustle. It was a way to figure out who I was all while building my own empire.

I am no longer going to use this platform that I built from the ground-up as a way to advocate for my mental illness, because there are a ton of beautiful souls out there who, quite frankly, are doing it much better than I ever was. I am now going to use this platform to advocate for women like me. Women who are in their early 20s, no idea who they are, trying to build a business branded around themselves, with no books, podcasts or websites to help them out.

If you resonated with anything I said please reach out to me on Instagram: @missbissfitniss. I want to chat with all the beautiful souls who are struggling with no one to help them. Please reach out, let’s chat!


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