Life is Linear

Despite what others believe, {I} believe life is linear. Maybe this is just my analytical, 1+1=2 brain that is talking, but I believe every day you make a choice. I believe every day you have choices to either choose good or bad, and depending on what you choose you will either continue on an upwards linear path or a downwards linear path. I believe this, because that is how my life has always happened.

This realization came to me when I entered my first year of university. 

When I was in grade 12, I applied to get into the chemical engineering programs at three universities in Ontario. I struggled with getting the grades I needed, but I continued to push through. Ultimately, my grades were not good enough to get into any of the schools I applied to, but I did get two alternate offers to UofT. I ended up taking one of those and going into chemical and physical sciences.

This rejection, although it upset me, did not deter me for long. UofT had been my dream school since I knew what UofT stood for, so I gladly went. I never really understood why I did not get into engineering, I put in the work and by all rights I SHOULD have got the grades, but there was something bigger at play.

The realization hit me when I had to drop the second semester of first year physics. I HATED physics. I think there were more tears on my textbook than there were notes. If I had gotten into chemical engineering, I would of HAD to take physics. I would have been miserable, and I KNOW I would have dropped out of school. The realization that I hated physics also made me look into careers that did not require me to take it at the post-secondary level.

That is when I decided I wanted to be a pharmacist. 

My desire to become a pharmacist required me to take biology and biochemistry courses, which I would not have taken otherwise. This allowed me to see that I was actually very passionate about the workings of the molecules within the body. My desire to become a pharmacist also lead me to doing a research project, as well as introduced me to university English courses. This did two things: it made me realize I HATE research and it made me realize I LOVE writing.

These two realizations caused me to question everything I thought I knew about myself. 

Ultimately, these two epiphanies, coupled with talking to the pharmacists at the pharmacy I worked at, caused me to come to two very important decisions: I did not want to be a pharmacist and I wanted to start a blog. So, in January 2018 I cancelled my pharmacy applications and started putting everything in place to launch my blog in May.

These two major steps in my life made me feel like everything was coming together.. but there was something tugging at me… I felt like there was a missing link. I could not understand why I was directed to take the path of pursuing a biochemistry degree when I would not be using it at all. I believed wholeheartedly that the Universe always leads you in a linear path so I felt like my whole journey through university HAD to mean something, but I could not figure out what it was. I thought maybe I should become a teacher, but that did not sit right. Then, I thought about becoming a dietician, but I could not even think about doing another 6 years of school.

Then… while I was looking at becoming a registered dietician I came across Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaching. 

Then it HIT me. My degree, my passion for writing, my passion for coaching, my NEED for something else was because the Universe wanted me to help more people than I already was. The Universe wants me to become a certified holistic health and nutrition coach, so I am going to listen!

Throughout this process I grew angry with the Universe, but I never gave up on it. I knew there was something missing and I knew it would come eventually. All I needed to do was spend some time looking at ME to realize the missing link. The Universe is always talking to you, but sometimes you cannot hear it. If you are in a slump right now, trust the process and believe that although everything seems to be anything BUT linear the missing puzzle piece will come together in time.

Keep on your road of good and good will come to you!

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