The Universe DOES have your Back

For those of you who are amateur gurus like me, probably one of the first books you ever read on the topic of trusting the Universe was “The Universe has your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein. This was the book that made me realize that I was not serving my ultimate purpose by becoming a pharmacist. It was also the book that made me dig deeper and realize I HATED living in the city, and I wanted MUCH more out of life.

Since reading this book about 6 months ago, I have dug deep into myself to find out what makes me happy. This question came to a head about 2 weeks ago when I knew there was something missing, but I just could not put my finger on it. I was struggling with where I was in life and what my purpose was. I knew I was taking all of the necessary steps to move my MLM business forward but I was not seeing the results I wanted. This frustrated me and caused me to realize that my purpose in life was missing.

This lead me to dig even deeper and share with you my journey through my discovery. 

When I first started this blog I thought that I stumbled across this coaching opportunity to shed light on mental illness and share with people my story to help them better overcome their struggles… but after a while that narrative just did not feel right. Then I thought I was put on this Earth to help young entrepreneurs like myself get their message and branding out there, but that also did not sit right with me. That was when I decided I would stop looking for my purpose and just be me.

When I surrendered, I got my answer. 

Last week as I was stressing about finances I started looking up additional jobs and additional degrees I could get to supplement my income. That is when I stumbled across the career termed “holistic health and nutrition coach” and my heart opened wide and I KNEW that I needed to do that. When I started researching, every area of my life fell into place, and my version of my linear life was finally coming together.

In the same way I believe life is linear, I believe we all have a purpose in this world 

After discovering this opportunity, and realizing how perfectly it coincided with my beliefs I began to question other areas of my life. Namely, tutoring. In the Fall I have a math tutoring position at the Oxford Learning Centre, and I was afraid that I had prematurely agreed to that, when becoming a holistic health coach was my true calling. But then, I received an additional offer to become another math tutor from a subsequent company AND I landed an interview to volunteer at another tutoring establishment. I knew this could not be a coincidence. But, of course, it troubled me that not every stream of income was going to narrow into one. Then I read something in one of my personal development books:

Millionaires typically have seven streams of income 

That blew me away! I have never desired becoming a “millionaire” per se, but I have desired to be financially stable enough that money can become a non-issue. Then I realized, that with two tutoring jobs, plus my health and fitness coaching AND my future holistic health coaching career I will have four streams of income! That just felt RIGHT to me.

Everything was coming together, but nothing felt aligned. 

But.. I let go and allowed the Universe to do its thing. These opportunities did not just land in my lap by accident, especially not when I was trying to figure out my purpose and manifest money! Then the greatest realization came to me this evening after my meditation and card pulling session. The cards just aligned so perfectly..

My purpose in life is to help motivate and inspire other people to become the best versions of themselves. 

The best possible way for me to do that is by using my knowledge of biochemistry, my passion for fitness and nutrition, and my extensive skills in math to help all generations of people become their healthiest and happiest selves to one day find their purpose! I just feel so alive right now! I have been judging and trying to control the Universe for so long when I KNEW that I just had to let go and allow, and when I finally did opportunities landed in my lap that are going to allow me to pay down my debt, buy my dream home, raise a family with the man of my dreams, all while making a huge impact on the world.

Letting go was step one, but working at my goals was step two.

Although I let go, I never stopped working on myself or digging deep. It was because I continued to grow myself and improve myself daily that I was able to come to this realization. I know that as I continue to grow I will find more ways to fulfill my purpose and increase my abundance while doing it. My heart is so full tonight and that is why I took to my blog immediately after my meditation. All my readers and my team have been a part of my journey over the past couple of weeks and I just want to let you know that when you put the work in and surrender to the Universe your prayers WILL be answered!


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