Curiosity killed the Cat

“Curiosity killed the Cat” 

How many of you heard that as a child? Whether it was because you asked too many questions when the adults were talking or whether you asked questions about “adult” issues. I know I heard it a lot as a child. I was never allowed to know anything pertaining to money or to understand why one of my parents was upset. For issues like that my parents would hide away in the bathroom or in their bedroom to discuss matters, away from mine and my brother’s wondering eyes, and inevitable questions. They still do this to this day and it really grinds my gears!

I have always been curious, and I have always loved learning. I love learning about a wide range of topics and I love sharing this information with others in the hopes that they are just as curious as I am.

That is what makes me a great leader.  

In MLM businesses there is always more to learn about the products coming out and every week there are team calls put on by leaders in the business to go over their tips and tricks on how to become successful. For my team.. I do not do that. Obviously to be successful in ANY business you need to know about the products, how to attract clients and what to do with them once you have them, but I believe you can learn all that within the first couple of months of joining the company. Anything else you may need to learn along the way can be taught by merely just DOING your job. The thing that I think most coaches/reps/ambassadors in MLM companies do not do to help their team flourish is share with them things that can help them grow as PEOPLE, things that can help them increase their curiosity!

For my team, I do not hold weekly calls. I hold weekly question and answer sessions. In these sessions it is very informal and I merely talk to them about something interesting that I learned that week and how it can help them to grow themselves, and eventually grow their business. Of course, I am always there to help them with any questions they may have pertaining to the business, but I like to talk to about things ranging from spirituality to nutrition to fun quizzes I came across that week. I show them the behind the scenes curiosity wheel of ME, allowing for them to unlock their curious selves.

A quote from one of the personal development books I am reading right now, “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” by John C. Maxwell:

The single greatest difference between curious, growing people and those who aren’t is the belief that they can learn, grow and change. 

Even the most successful people need to be constantly learning and growing in order to STAY successful. They must constantly be improving themselves in order to make great leaders. But that takes vulnerability. In order to continue to ask questions it takes admitting that you do not have all the answers. This can be especially scary for people who are seen as top educators on a certain subject, or more familiarly.. parents. Parents want their children to look up to them for answers to life’s questions. Parents want their children to think they have it all together. But…

By being vulnerable parents can teach their children much more than they would have if they acted like they had it all together. 

I am extremely vulnerable with not only my team, but with my followers. At first I was not like this. I would never show them that I was still learning after X amount of months of being in the business. I wanted to put it out there that I knew what I was doing, that I did not need to learn because I had everything together. And you know what..? Those months I pretended that I had my shit together, were the worst months of my business. My followers love seeing me learn, and they do not want to hear about my business 24/7. That was another misconception I had when I started. I thought when I was learning, I could only ever learn about the business. But I soon grew bored and my followers and team could sense that.

I am by nature a curious person, so when I am looking at a specific topic for too long, or limiting myself to one topic I quickly become bored and lose motivation. Over the past month I dove back into my love of learning. I constantly learn about a number of topics each day. The best part is.. that when I learn, my followers learn, my team grows, and that allows me more time to learn and increase my questions and knowledge!

Anytime a person is answering more than asking you can be sure they’ve slowed down in their growth and have lost the fire for personal growth. – John C. Maxwell 

When I first started coaching not only did my followers think I knew it all, but my team did as well. If my team members discovered something before me I would often pretend I knew what they were talking about instead of asking them how they found out about it! I wanted to seem like such an amazing leader, that I forgot the most influential people are always learning and are vulnerable. Now I am constantly asking questions, learning about a diverse array of topics, and growing my team while I grow myself.

I want to ask you… Did curiosity really kill the cat, or did diabetes?

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