Gratitude is a word I have been throwing around left, right, and centre over the past week. I have just felt so grateful for how far I have come in the past year.

This feeling of gratitude did not come about by looking back at the past it actually came by looking forward into the future. 

Over the past three days I have been writing letters to the Universe thanking it for things that I do not yet possess. I have thanked it for my beautiful house, which I visualized and described. I thanked it for my brand new black Jeep, my wedding where I was described as a “Snow Princess” (I want to get married in December), I thanked the Universe for mine and Kirk’s fabulous honeymoon where we got to go to Disney World for two weeks, I even thanked it for my first born child Elizabeth (who we will call Ellie, for short). I thanked the Universe for my two booming businesses, both as a health coach in a MLM company, and as an independent holistic health coach that gets to take clients in my office that is 20 feet from my house. I visualized every detail of the life I wanted and I thanked the Universe for giving it to me. I put the vibes out there. In those twenty minutes every day, I was living the life I wanted. I put out how I would feel to have my baby girl beside me as I worked, I pictured my meditation room and my workout area. I thought about the organic garden Kirk and I will have in our backyard, and Kirk actually getting to wake up in the morning with our gorgeous daughter. These pictures automatically fill me with so much love and gratitude, that when I enter back into my life the feelings stay for the entire day.

By looking into the future I am grateful for the present.

It may seem strange to you that after visualizing the future where I am in my own home, married to the man of dreams, with my gorgeous daughter by my side I could feel even an ounce of gratitude for the life I am living right now. Compared to my visualization, some people may think that my life right now is subpar. Kirk and I are living in his parents’ basement, with little money, sharing a car and nowhere close to having a ring on my finger. The thing is.. although we do not have any of the things I am visualizing, we do have the means to get there. The vibrations of the future are perfectly matching the vibrations of the present. I am a health coach. I am working towards getting certified as a holistic health and nutrition coach. I am tutoring and mentoring others. Kirk is saving up to get his dream truck. I get to undergo personal development every day, workout in my own workout area, eat organic food, and mentor the most amazing women. All of these things are what I am doing in my visualized future, just with more money, a house, and more freedom. But the vibrations are all aligned, and for that I am grateful.

The Law of Oneness states: Everything is connected to everything else. Everything that exists seen and unseen are connected to each other, inseparable from each other to a field of divine oneness.

That is why I have been filled with so much gratitude over the course of the past week. After learning about this spectacular law, I have SEEN my dream home, with my dream car literally sitting in the driveway of that house! I have come across my next calling as a mentor literally by mistake, I have received two additional tutoring opportunities, and I have cut down on my antidepressants to allow for my body to prepare for a child. All of that has happened in a week!! How can you not be grateful when you are vibing at such a high level?!

Although I can feel the vibrations of the Universe, and although I can literally see my dreams coming true, I am not disillusioned into thinking that I will have everything tomorrow. I still have a ways to go in my business before my team is in the top 3 in the entire company. I still have to actually pick the online learning platform I want to enrol in to become certified as a holistic health and nutrition coach. I still have to manifest the money needed to become certified, and I still have quite a ways to go to get off my medication completely. But none of that is the point.. I am so much closer to my dreams that I can almost touch them, and that is why I am filled with a shit ton of gratitude on this Friday morning in August.

If you do not do it already, I highly recommend taking 20 minutes out of your day every morning and thanking the Universe for the things you want in the future. This exercise will leave you with so much gratitude for what you have in the present.

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