Focus on the Journey

After finishing my second round of 80 Day Obsession, I am blown away by my results. My first round was completed exclusively for the six pack, and of course, that did not happen. I HATED myself when I did not follow the strict meal plan. I hated how I looked and felt after the second phase of my first round, and more detrimentally I truly hated myself for letting such an amazing opportunity pass me by.

I started the first round in January of 2018 when I was going into my last semester of university. I was already depressed and anxious. I hated my research project, I could barely get myself to get up to go to school, I had just had a falling out with the only person I actually talked to at school. Overall, I felt like my life was falling apart. I thought the only way to “fix” my problems was to get the six pack I never had by being strict and restrictive.

That, of course, led me to doing the opposite. 

I could barely follow the meal plan, and I had trouble actually doing the workouts full out because I hated the way I felt. I finished an 80 day program in over 100 days, and I vowed to change my life and self-love game around. Between the two rounds I took time for yoga, meditation and pilates to reduce my body’s cortisol levels, which immediately made me not feel fluffy. I started to focus on filling my body with love rather than focusing on what I was eating. That caused me to WANT to eat healthier.

The major shift came when I started engaging in a daily routine that lit me up and caused me to feel happy. 

I started listening to a podcast by Melissa Ambrosini, the bestselling author of “Mastering your Mean Girl” and “Open Wide”. In her podcasts she has thought-leaders from around the world talk about things ranging from self-love to nutrition and I listened avidly to each one of her episodes. I began to think about how I could holistically help my depression without needing to harm my future children with the antidepressant I was/I am currently taking. I sought out healing crystal experts and bought my first healing crystal. I immediately saw a decrease in my anxiety just by wearing a crystal around my neck, and sleeping and meditating with another.

I began to make meditation, visualization, and sex a daily practice. This allowed me to be grateful for what I have now and to decrease the negative emotions I was feeling. I also strategically placed my workouts in the middle of the day when my serotonin levels are the lowest.

Working out and meditating are proven to significantly increase your levels of the happy hormone serotonin. 

I also began to experiment with my diet. I knew that preservative-filled foods made me anxious, but I also knew that a strict diet made me anxious as well. So I stopped following the strict guidelines laid out for me in the 80 day program, and I started coming up with a nutrition plan that was simple and that I could follow without feeling deprived. I also learned about the importance of listening to your body, and learning about how each person’s body is different.

Below I have listed my daily routine and what works for me:

  1. Wake up without an alarm anywhere between 5:30am and 8:30am
  2. Drink water immediately after waking up
  3. Eat breakfast of Bulletproof coffee and a low-carb, high-protein granola bar
  4. Undergo personal development for three hours, which includes reading, listening to podcasts and 4/7 days a week writing a blog post
  5. Eat my pre-workout meal of homemade granola, blueberries, and 2% plain yogurt
  6. Drink my turbo juice and clean the kitchen
  7. Workout and meditate
  8. Drink my superfood shake, often with my muscle milk powder in it
  9. Have sex/quality time with Bae
  10. Send out invites to all the gorgeous souls in the world that I think would vibe with my tribe
  11. Depends on the day: listen to a training call, host a training call OR tutor
  12. Eat a dinner of protein and veggies
  13. Watch a TV show
  14. Turn off the wifi, put my phone in airplane mode and go to bed typically between 8:30pm and 10:00pm

I have been completing this daily routine for about a month now and I have seen profound effects. I have been able to decrease my dosage of my antidepressants by 25%, I have become much happier, my relationship with the Universe has improved drastically and I got the body I always wanted.

It’s funny, when you do not focus on the results you end up attaining them. 

When I stopped focusing on the finish line and started focusing on my journey, I got the results I wanted. I am convinced that the reason why my body has changed so drastically in three months is because I started listening to it and only filling it with things that I KNEW would make me feel good. I started taking more time to increase my serotonin and decrease my cortisol levels AND I decreased my antidepressant dosage. These three steps have been major contributors to my success.

I know that everyone is different, and everyone’s problems are not the same, but I do encourage you to start focusing on the journey rather than the results. I hope that by sharing my daily practice and the results that I have seen in only 3 short months you can put some of these into practice. Whether its to help with your anxiety, to get the six pack, or just become healthier, I promise you that once you start listening to your body your life will become better!



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