You are EXACTLY where you need to Be

MLM businesses are hard. They may be simple to follow, but getting anyone to sign up from a stranger messaging them on social media at this day in age is not an easy thing to do. I struggled with that for a long time in my business. I saw million dollar earners, and I wanted to know how hard they had to work to get where they are. I thought I was not doing enough, so I continued to try to do as much as possible in order to increase rank and get the income I wanted.

Then I realized I was doing everything I possibly could. 

I was messaging people, putting myself out there and helping my team to do the same. I realized there was nothing more I could do on the “action” front. I thought about that for a while and then I realized that I had to turn it all over to the spiritual front. I began to dive deep into who I am, and what I have to offer the world, and then it hit me…

I do have to do more. 

Not in my business, I was doing as much as I could there, but in the broader spectrum of life. I did not just have the ability to inspire others through my social media presence, but also through my unique superpowers. Math is my superpower, so in addition to working for a local tutoring company I became an independent consultant at another tutoring company. Biochemistry is also my superpower, so I began to look into schools for holistic nutrition. As soon as I accepted my additional superpowers, and acted on them, I saw an increase in my income for my business, and an overall increase in my happiness.

I was no longer obsessed with money. 

I just accepted that money was abundant and that it did not have to come from ONE source. I thought this entire time that in order to live the life of freedom I wanted I HAD to make this one business work, but that is just not true. I see millionaire coaches all the time being able to live their dream lives *just* from this one income source, and I fully respect that. I can see now that their calling in life was to inspire others through one platform only, but I have more I need to give the world.

The Universe was not punishing me, it was guiding me. 

The Universe was trying to tell me that I took the first step, but there are countless others I must take before I can reach my full potential. If you are struggling right now in your MLM business, I want you to ask yourself some questions: Do you love the business you are in?? If the answer is YES! then do not stop it. If the answer is NOT REALLY, then get out! You have other ways to inspire people, and this may not be it! If the answer to the first question was YES! then ask yourself this question: Am I doing everything I can to move my business forward? What I mean by that is: are you doing the work that will directly correlate to you making money.. if the answer is another YES! then move onto my last question. If the answer is NO! then do that first! The last question I would like for you to ask yourself: Do I still feel like I am not doing enough, even when I know I am? If you get to this question and the answer is another YES! Then the Universe is merely telling you that you are not doing enough. Not in your business, but in your life. It wants you to take a deeper look into how else you can serve the world and put a plan in place to take action. Once you take that action I promise you all other areas will become more abundant. You will become happier, and your business will grow as well.

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