Nutrition in the Fourth Quarter

It’s the final quarter of 2018! Can you believe it?? I know I can’t! This year has just flown by! Gretchen Rubin’s secret of adulthood:

The days are long but the years are short. 

Can I get an AMEN? I feel like as you get older the years just become shorter and shorter. It feels like yesterday I was still in my fourth year of university getting ready for Christmas, and now I work full-time and I am thinking about Christmas (Christmas is my favourite time of year if you couldn’t tell).

Thinking back on how quick the year has gone, I am remembering this time last year as a time that I struggled with my nutrition. Fortunately, this year I have seen many changes in my mindset around food which has helped me to stay a little more on track than I was last year. This year I love my body (for the most part), even if I have treats on the weekend. The negative self-talk and looking at working out as “getting rid” of what I ate is no longer a thing. However, my nutrition is definitely not where I want it to be. The primary issue with not eating healthy is that it really bothers my mind. When I eat preservative, sugar-filled foods my anxiety and depression tend to skyrocket and that affects my every day interactions with both myself and others.

So today, on the 15th of the 10th month of 2018 I vow to be more diligent in my eating habits. Here are the tips I am going to follow:

  1. Always start my day off with 20oz of water. When you wake up you are severely dehydrated (you have not drank water for 6-12hrs) and drinking your coffee/tea right away will only increase your dehydration. So I vow to drink my shaker bottle filled with water right in morning to re-hydrate myself and get the metabolism going for the day.
  2. Always drink my daily superfood shake. My shake keeps me full for around 3 hours. I drink it right after my workouts, and it gives me the boost I need to continue with my day afterwards. I can also hide a fair amount of spinach inside my shake, so I know I am getting at least one of my daily servings of veggies.
  3. Pack healthy snacks for tutoring. I am pretty good with packing a salad when I head out the door to tutor my students, but I struggle with making anything else to eat. Salads are fine, except they do not keep me full for a substantial amount of time so when I come home I am still hungry. Therefore, I am going to bring a salad and some source of healthy protein to keep me going.
  4. I will not come home and watch television on the couch. I have a weird association with sitting on the couch and watching television with eating junk food. I could break that habit, but to be honest.. I do not really want to. I love having this as a treat every so often, but every night is just not good. So when I get home and [if] I am still hungry I will sit upstairs at the kitchen table, eat my healthy meal and then come downstairs to bed.

Following these four rules should help me bounce back from this candy-ridden slump. It is so important that I get these habits under control right now, before the treats get more delicious and more abundant as we make our way into the holiday season.

How are you going to prepare for the holiday season? What are you doing to ensure that you do not have to lose any weight in the New Year?

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