A Crisis in my Twenties

I feel like I may be having a midlife crisis in my twenties. 

I am IN LOVE with both of my jobs. I love tutoring math. It fills me with so much happiness when I see the light bulb go off on the children’s faces, or when I can explain it in a way that only that child understands. I love coaching. I love being there for others and giving people the opportunity to better themselves.

But I want to do more. 

I want to work with children one on one all day long while simultaneously coaching people in a more intimidate setting, such as in clinics or doctors offices. While doing all of that I also want continue to grow my business. I would love to become a teacher, but I honestly do not know if that path is right for me. I have an issue with following people’s rules when it comes to teaching children. I think that each individual child learns in a different way, so each child should be taught individually. Of course as a teacher that is not plausible. Additionally, in order to be a teacher I would also have to go through more university schooling and to be frank, I really do not want to do that. I loved university for the first two years, but after that I felt like I was not learning, but rather competing for grades. I love learning, but I do not like being measured on how well I learn. In short, although teaching is a passion of mine, I could not go through all of the things required to make that my career.

On the other hand, becoming a wellness coach to clients is something I am also very passionate about, and this is an avenue I would happily pursue. It requires going to college for only a year and that is something I can handle, especially because the majority of classes are online. Don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE being an online health and fitness coach and I will continue to grow my business until I am blue in the face, but I want to help more people. Right now I am limited by the programs that are offered by my company and the resources they give me to help others. Although I stand behind their products 100% I want to be able to reach more people. I want to be able to help people who maybe can’t workout, or are not interested in the programs but still need help with their overall wellness. That is why in September 2019 I am (hopefully, pending acceptance) going to be studying to become a certified wellness coach.

This may seem pretty clear cut to you. I will continue to grow my business throughout the day, study to become a certified wellness coach, and at night I will help children learn math in their way. The issue is, when I am sitting down at my computer and typing this all out it seems so easy, it seems like the decision is finite, but when I go out into the world and I look at what other people are doing I want to do MORE. I have no idea why, or how this all started, but I am increasingly becoming panicked by the career I chose. Is this something that happens to everyone? Let me know solutions!

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