My Happiness Project – April, May and June

Last week I wrote a post about my happiness project that I am going to undertake in 2019. I wrote about my 10 commandments and my first three months’ themes.

January – Mindfulness

February – Relationship

March – Family

The next three months of 2019 are probably my busiest months in terms of my business and personal life, so I want my themes to reflect that.

April’s theme will be work. In April I am going to work on aiming higher in my goals for work and really pushing to hit those milestones. April is a busy month as a health and fitness coach as it is starting to become warm outside and people are thinking about getting bikini ready. That is why I think April is the perfect time to increase my influence. I am going to be focusing on aiming higher. I will undertake projects that I was scared to do before, and I will be putting myself out there more often.

Additionally, May’s theme is going to be money. Money and work go hand in hand. You may be working hard, but if you do not have the correct mindset around money you will not get as far as you would like. Since in April I am going to focus on really amping my work game in May I will be focusing on my relationship with money.

Finally, June’s theme is going to be fun. With the high stress of the other months’ themes, and the fact that June is when beach season begins I am going to focus on having more fun. I want to carve out time in my day to do things that I enjoy that are NOT related to work. I want to spend more time being childlike. Ultimately, I want to laugh more and really feel grateful for the life that I have.

I now have 6 out of the 12 months ready to go in terms of their themes. Next week I will be talking about the next three months of the year, and finishing off October with the final quarter. In November I am going to talk about the certain tasks I am going to do to complete those themes.

I would love to hear what your themes would be for the first six months of the year IF you were to undergo your own happiness project, and who knows, maybe I will use some of them!

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