The Beginning of My Story

On Saturday night while I was folding my laundry I was listening to my company’s weekly training call. The guest speaker was talking about how in 2018 alone she promoted herself 9 times. She said the secret was telling her story. Initially, I thought “I already do that, why am I not where she is?” Then she said something that really hit me.. she said “You have to tell your story, not just allude to it.” I realized in that moment that I have been alluding to my story for way too long, and with my recent increase in followers I decided now is as good as time as ever to really dive into my story.

My name is Morgan and I started this journey (blogging, working out, posting on social media etc.) in August of 2017 when I was 21 years old. I had just came out of hernia surgery a couple weeks prior and I was ready for my body to feel good again. I am a HUGE “clean slate” person. Basically, if I want to make changes I need to have a clean slate first. I decided that since my hernia had been closed my body was a clean slate and could really change. As I lay on my couch contemplating how much I hated my body, I came across a post from a girl I went to high school with. This girl was a year older than me, and to be honest I still do not know why we had each other on Facebook, I had never talked to her in my life. Anyway, in April of that year my now coach messaged me asking if I was interested in joining her fitness group, and I said no, giving some sort of lame excuse. But ever since that day I had been secretly watching her on my newsfeed. On that particular day in August I came across one of her posts where she posted a link to a free information group about what she did. I clicked the link, read through the posts, and about an hour later I had messaged both her and HER coach asking them how I could do what they do.

By the next day I was signed up. 

Two weeks later I began my first ever at-home workout program.

Now let me tell you a little back-story. I was a dancer from the age of 3 to 18, and I competed for 12 out of those 15 years. I danced 15 to 20 hours a week, sometimes being at the studio for all 7 days. In addition to basically burning off all of my calories, my eating habits were NOT good. When I was little my parents struggled to get me to eat, so they were happy if I would put anything in my mouth. Typically, my food of choice was pasta, Nutella on white bread, or some sort of fast food joint. When I started dating my boyfriend in grade 11 we bonded over our love of greasy fast food. By the time we were in grade 12 the people at Wendy’s offered to cater our wedding. Needless to say, I went into university with really bad eating habits and not even aware I could gain weight.

I loved being physically active, and since part of my tuition went to my gym membership I went to the gym faithfully Monday to Friday. Although I went to the gym, I had zero idea what I was doing. I knew how to run on the treadmill and do ab exercises so that was pretty much what I did for my entire first year.

In my first year of university I went up two pant sizes. 

I continued this workout routine, mixed with cafeteria food and chocolate all throughout my second year. I would actually go to the gym and then go to Tim Horton’s right after and grab a sesame seed bagel toasted with butter, a medium steeped tea double double with milk, and most of the time I would add on a glazed cinnamon bun. Can you believe I wasn’t seeing any results… crazy right??

In third year, my boyfriend and I moved into our own apartment. It was my first year living off campus, which meant I had to wake up even earlier to make it to the gym before class. This was also the year I really started to hate my body. I had begun to work at a retail store, and although no one ever made me feel bad about my weight or how I looked, helping young, skinny girls try on pants all day was not the easiest thing to do. On top of that, I had reached another “clean slate” in my life. I now could make my own meals. Of course, Kirk and I were living off my student loan and my 5 hours a week at my retail job, so the choice in food was still not optimal, but I tried. I began to drink smoothies for breakfast, and I would bring apples with peanut butter for after my workout. I did try, but with the combination of no money, no idea how to workout and the stress of school, I binge ate and gained weight.

By the end of third year I would not even look at myself in the mirror when I left in the morning. 

Now we are back to my first ever workout program. This opportunity was not supposed to change my life, it was just supposed to make me ‘skinny’ again. I became a coach to pay for my monthly shakes, not to make a living, but in just a few months it had changed my life.

By the time I had finished my first program I was 100% invested. I had lost 7 inches and numerous pounds. I was eating healthy and I was working on my mindset.

I remember driving back from Thanksgiving last year telling Kirk that I wanted to continue to do this for the rest of my life. I had no idea how much that statement and the support I got would change me over the next year.

My story has just begun, but this post is already way longer than I anticipated. Tomorrow I will talk about how coaching continued to impact my life even after my first program. However, I hope that this post has helped you in some way. I wanted to show you that to do what I do you do NOT have to know what you are doing. I had literally zero idea what I was doing, but I was willing to try. That is what is important, your willingness to try. I promise you, if there is something you have been avoiding because you do not think you are ‘ready’ you will never be ready… just DO IT! Try, and you WILL succeed.

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