Surrender and Be Still

In this day and age we all assume that we are the most productive and will get the most results when we are highly anxious and get as little sleep as possible. I know I was definitely like that up until a few months ago. I would hustle and hustle, and if I was not doing something that made me anxious I would think I was being lazy. The thing is.. we get the most done when we just surrender and let go.

As an entrepreneur I often want to control each and every thing in my business. I want to control who stays, who signs up, and how many people I get per month. Unfortunately, I cannot do that. One of my 10 commandments is: “The only person you can change is YOU”, and in this instance that is most certainly true. I cannot MAKE anyone workout and drink their shakes. I certainly cannot make anyone sign up. All I can do is put myself out there, put the work in and then let go. I have to surrender and trust that the Universe will provide me with everything I need.

For instance, in addition to being a health and fitness coach I am also a math tutor.  Because I am always looking towards the future I realized that when the holiday season comes around not many children are going to want to be tutored for those two weeks. I also know how HARD being a health and fitness coach is during the holiday season, so I decided to apply for a seasonal position at the store I used to work at. It is not the SAME store, as I have moved, but it is the same retailer. So I applied just for the holiday season and I spent the entire week worrying about getting the job. It came to a point where I was so focused on getting that job that I actually thought I could not survive the holiday season without it. These thoughts consumed me everyday  until finally I just surrendered. I realized I actually did not need that job. I am only off for one week out of the entire holiday season, and people still need me to coach them throughout that time.

As soon as I surrendered I got a blessing. 

I was handed two more tutoring hours per week literally the day after I surrendered. I just gave my worries over to the Universe and it listened and gave me just what I needed.

In addition to creating a mountain out of a mow-hill I have also been running around all week. My car’s power steering pump is broken so I have needed to bring it into the dealership to have it looked at and replaced two days this week. This means my schedule is completely thrown off and to make for that I have been waking up (or trying to) 3 hours earlier than normal. This has completely drained my body, but I have refused to just relax. I know how much my body needs the sleep, and the personal development that I have been neglecting to do. But today I got a very important message from my meditation cards.

Stillness is the key to success. 

That hit me hard. It made me realize that all this running around and not focusing on my health first is only doing the opposite of what I want it do. I cannot possibly help my clients and coaches if I am constantly going the speed of light. After this post I am going to spend the afternoon looking after ME, so that I can come back strong this weekend. The Universe is asking me to surrender, so that is just what I am going to do.

Do you feel like you have been running a mile a minute lately? Maybe you need to take a day for yourself, or even the entire weekend. Do something that sets your soul on fire and fills up your cup, because you cannot fill up others if you are not filled up yourself.

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