My Happiness Project – The Last Six Months

I have six more months that I have not yet told you my themes for. My first six month themes are as follows:

January – Mindfulness

February – Relationship

March – Family

April – Work

May – Money

June – Fun

To be honest, the next three months were difficult for me to come up with themes for. They are kinda the ‘awkward’ months of the year (or so I think). They consist of summer AND fall, and they are always slow moving but busy at the same time. So I tried to come up with themes that reflected that.

For July I am going to be focusing on the theme of eternity. Essentially, I am going to be diving deep into my spiritual practice. This month is not unlike January, where I will be focusing on mindfulness, but it will be more geared towards spirituality as compared to my own inner work. This past July I really dove deep into my spiritual practice and it created good vibes for the rest of year, so next year I am planning to do the same.

In August I am going to be focusing on my energy. When I say energy I mean both mental and physical. I want to improve my fitness practice and really nail down my nutrition before heading into the fall season, but most importantly I want to do things that will leave my MIND feeling energetic by the end of the month. This way I can go into the busy fall and winter season refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes my way.

September’s theme is going to be comfort. It is going to be about stepping OUT of my comfort zone and really doing things that scare me, but light my soul on fire at the same time. I am going to be spontaneous, I am going to spend weekends out of the house, I may spend some more money than usual on things that I want, but do not actually need. It is going to be a month where I really dive into my impulsive side and act like a kid again.

In October I am going to be looking back on August and seeing if I have followed through with my nutrition. Nutrition is something that always gets me around October, so I will be really narrowing down on that and really focusing on the things that need the most work. I will be laying the ground work in August, but October will be when I really focus on the specifics. I am doing this because I know just how much nutrition impacts my mood. When I eat to fuel my body I am happier, more energetic and I can do a lot more throughout my day.

November is going to be about passions. November is write a novel month and that is what I intend to do. I have always been passionate about writing, but I have always feared that it will be bad. So I am going to buy the book that outlines how to write a novel in a month and follow it to a T. There is no editing, just writing and that is exactly what I am going to do. I am going to set a plot and just go with it. If at the end it is terrible I will be proud that I accomplished it, but if it is semi-decent I can always edit it and go from there. Who knows!

Finally, December is going to be perfect happiness month. This means I am going to implement all of my resolutions from each of the months and comment on whether 2019 was my happiest year yet!

I am so excited for this project to start. Next week I am going to start building my resolutions chart, and I will be writing a post about it.. so stay tuned !

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