Just Show Up

I used to think I had to be perfect at something before I could do it. I used to believe that the only way to get any results from a workout was to do all the reps, at 100%, even if my body was clearly telling me stop. I used to think that one chocolate chip cookie would ruin everything I worked hard for. I used to think that I failed at personal development if I could only meditate for 30 seconds.

I was wrong. 

90% of the results are just showing up. Showing up to do the workout is MORE than half the battle. Some days can I go HAM? Hell ya! But there are other days when it takes as much as I can muster just to turn on the workout. There are some days where my nutrition is near perfect, and there are other days where my willpower muscle has to be flexing hard.

There are never days where I can meditate for longer than 1 minute. Never. I am a highly strung out person, and although I know that meditating for a long time will ultimately leave me feeling zoned AF I can never get through my nerves long enough to sit on my meditation mat for anything longer than 60 seconds. But.. day after day I show up. I sit there, I try. I breath in and I breath out, I pull my cards and journal.

I may not be able to do it as long as some, but I show up nonetheless.  

This mindset shift was a complete breath of fresh air. I would push myself so hard to do things perfectly that I would often completely burn myself out and have to stop the activity for a number of days. The activities were also much less enjoyable when I tried to make them perfect (as you can probably imagine).

That is one of the reasons I can no longer go to the gym. On top of wanting to do things perfectly, I am also a highly competitive person. As you can imagine, those two things are a recipe for disaster when it comes to working out in front of people. Being competitive AND not knowing what to do at the gym, all while trying to appear perfect had me mentally burnt out before I even stepped foot on the floor. I would be so mentally exhausted by the time I stepped on the treadmill that I was enjoying 0% of my workout. My workouts look A LOT different now, and not surprisingly they are actually giving me results! I do not compare myself to anyone, because there is no one there to compare myself to. I do not try to be perfect, I just focus on having fun and getting through the workout. I NEVER want my workout to feel like a chore, that will not get me anywhere. I want my workout to be an enjoyable time, a time where I get to love on my body all while blaring music.

Another thing that has completely changed since I started just showing up is my nutrition. I no longer berate myself if I eat a little bit too much one day, or eat that cookie before bed at night. I simply allow my body the yummy food, but I also show it love by giving it the healthful foods. Every day I strive to show up for my body, and feed it in the way I know it wants to be fed. Some days I am amazing at it, others not so much. But by hating on my body, or my choices, every single day is going to do the opposite of what I want it to do. The stress that I am putting on my body is going to cause it to release cortisol (the stress hormone) causing it to appear puffy, and that is going to get me nowhere.

If you are like me, you are probably highly skeptical of what I just wrote about. You are probably wondering how just showing up is going to make a difference in your results. Trust me when I say IT WILL. Try it for a month. Just show up. Have fun, laugh and just show up in your life, for you and for others. The shift in your mental and physical states will astonish you.

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