Express Yourself

Putting yourself out there is probably one of the scariest, but most rewarding things you can do. 

The last post I wrote was about being lonely, and really wishing I had a girl friend who I could text all the time. As soon as I put myself out there I got something in return. I received a message, within the hour, saying how much this woman relates to me and how she too feels lonely. She even gave me her number! It was amazing! We started texting last night, and I can already see we have a lot in common. We even started planning a day when we can get together for coffee.

I was terrified to write the post on here and to talk about it on my IG account. I was so afraid that someone was going to message me and say how ridiculous I am, or how self-centred I am for feeling this way. Instead, I made a new friend.

It is so easy for us to get stuck in our heads and to think that we are the only ones who are feeling a certain way. It is so easy for us to be afraid to put ourselves out there incase someone criticizes us. And sometimes.. people will criticize you, but that’s okay! Those people just do not understand your point of view. But for every criticism I PROMISE you there will at least be one person who feels the same. By sharing your truth you are helping people who maybe do not have the platform to voice their opinions, or you are helping someone else open up and share THEIR truth.

By opening up and expressing your emotions you are not just helping yourself, you are helping others  

Most people do not express their emotions to the public because they are afraid they are going to be seen as self-centred, but what they do not understand is that by opening up they are actually creating an environment of growth for the people around them. Even just one person can make a difference in the emotional environment of the room. You can make a change simply by changing yourself.

Today’s post is not very long, but I do feel like it has a valuable lesson in it. Go out today and be expressive. Show the world your emotions and you may be surprised what the world will show you.

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