Money Mindset

Today I said the words “we really don’t need the money”. Those words have NEVER come out of my mouth, ever. I was always the person hustling for more. Looking for new places where I could make a couple of bucks. Taking those extra shifts even when I was exhausted. Working 12 hour days because I needed to make up for the days when I was in school. I was always hustling, always grinding, never caring about my health. If I wasn’t exhausted, I wasn’t working hard enough.

A few months ago that all changed.  

My previous actions were made from a lack mentality. Always feeling like I was lacking, like there was not enough in this world to go around. I felt like I had to work until I dropped because I felt like unless I proved myself through lack of sleep I was not going to make the money I wanted. All of this was done because I had a negative relationship with money. I felt like it was never there when I needed it, like it was a bad friend. Then I heard something that really changed my perspective (I am paraphrasing):

If you were to treat someone the way you treat money, they would never want to stick around. 

That blew my mind, because it was just so true. If I constantly put someone down, never appreciated what they did for me, and always wanted more out of them, they would not be my friend for very long. THAT was how I was treating money. I would never feel grateful when it came, and then I would resent it when it left.

In September my whole mindset shifted. Whenever I paid for something I thanked money for being there when I needed it. If something came up and I had to spend more money than I planned, I did not dwell, I simply thanked money for coming at a time when it was not expected. I even bought a new wallet, cleaned it out and put money in a nice place so it could feel like it was wanted. I treated money the way I would treat a friend, and ever since then it has never let me down.

Money has been there with me through my car breaking down. Through a ridiculously high cellphone bill, and in times when I needed it most. It has been the real MVP. The thing is, it has been trying to be like that for EVER, but because I was so negative towards it in the past it had no inclination to stick around.

When I said those words this morning I immediately knew just how true they are. Money and abundance has come flocking to me ever since I have opened my arms in welcome, maybe not in the ways I thought, but in many other beautiful ways. Money really is your friend, even if sometimes it can push your buttons.

Money really is unlimited, you just have to have the limitless mindset to see it. 

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