Do the Deep Work

I feel like this week is the week of firsts. Yesterday I finally, truly believed I do not need the money (a massive win), and today I said NO to my first ever job offer.

Tutoring has been crazy busy, and it is only getting crazier as the school year progresses, but I never really planned for the amount of people who would want ME. I did not think so many people, from two companies, and just independently, would want little ol’ me to tutor all of these children, but I seem to be a hot commodity.

Last month I applied to a retail job over the holiday season because I assumed that tutoring would go downhill starting at the beginning of December, but boy could I not be more wrong. Since I applied for that job I have received more hours than I really know what to do with, so today I had to politely decline the seasonal offer. Boy did that feel liberating!!

I really feel like my life is falling into place, but it would not have felt like this if I did not take the summer to really figure out who I am. Instead of spending the summer working meaningless jobs I decided to take it to dive into who [I] am as a person. I did take odd jobs, and make some cash to pay the bills, but what I really did was dive into my personal development and spiritual practice. By listening to podcasts, reading books, meditating, and journaling I found my true purpose. I realized that although I loved coaching, I could not do just that for the rest of my life. I needed to do more with the other skills I have, like being really good at math.

Not many people can say that they are passionate about math, or even that they are good at it. So why would I let this gift fall to the wayside? I decided to become a math tutor. At first it was because it was convenient. Not many hours so I could work on my business, and I could be home in time to go to bed by 9:00pm, but it soon became much more than that. I realized just how passionate I am about helping students with one subject that seems to be the hardest for most. So then I applied for a second tutoring gig, not really sure if I would get it, but within the week I had the job. And by the next week I already had my first student. Within two months I was working Monday- Thursday with both companies. Then I started to be sought out by individuals.  By the end of the month I will be working every evening Monday-Friday and half the day on Saturday and I could not be MORE excited.

This all happened because instead of doing what I ‘should’ do, I did what was right for me. I could have easily spent the summer working at places I hated, but that probably would have lead me to CONTINUE to work at them instead of finding my passion. Let me tell you.. it was NOT easy to sit back and do the deep work. The work was hard. It left me exhausted by the end of the day, but it also did not leave me feeling accomplished. I felt like because I had not made actual money that day, that I was not working hard enough. But that was my ego talking. I am so happy I decided to listen to my inner guide, rather than to that nasty mean girl. My life would be so much different now. I would not have a schedule I enjoy. I would not have a booming relationship with my boyfriend. I would have to miss countless family parties, and I would be miserable.

So here is a reminder: if you feel like your life is going no where. If you wake up in the morning wishing that you could do anything else, then take the time you need and find it out. Maybe that will leave you a little financially unstable, but to hell with it! The outcome will be SO MUCH BETTER than if you made those extra bucks. I promise you.. you will never regret diving into yourself!

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