Holiday Tips

Holiday season is right around the corner! I even decorated my home yesterday, and I could not be more excited for this year’s festivities! This is the first time in four years that I will be close to my family for the months leading up to Christmas, so it just makes everything all the more magical. However, with the holiday season comes holiday parties, holiday treats and festive drinks.. so how can you stay on track during this time of year? Below I have posted some of my holiday tips for staying healthy and happy throughout Christmas time!

  1. Eat before you go out – so many of us have this mindset that since we are going to be eating so much at a party or a family get together we should not eat the morning before and I am here to call BULLSHIT. That is the worst thing you can do! If you arrive starving you are going to be chowing down on the appetizers, and then stuffing yourself full of carbohydrates throughout dinner. To avoid this remember to eat right before you leave for the party! I recommend eating a huge salad. Most holiday get togethers do not have a wide array of vegetables available, so to make sure you get your vegetables in for the day you have to be proactive and eat them before you leave.
  2. Do not limit yourself – we want to ‘save’ our calories for the parties so during the week we try to avoid sweets altogether. We try so hard, telling ourselves that we will make it up on the weekend, but that is not a good way to think. It’s great if you are not eating the sweets during the week AND at the parties, but lets be honest.. you are definitely eating them at the parties. The reason why you shouldn’t deprive yourself throughout the week IF you want the sweets is because you are more likely to overindulge at the party thinking this is the only time you can have the sugary foods. This leads you to not listen to your body at the party, and causes you to come home sick.
  3. Make sure you drink enough water – the holidays are not just full of sweets, but sugary and alcoholic beverages as well. I know I love me some peppermint hot chocolate. Drinking those drinks every so often is FINE, but you have to be sure you are drinking MUCH more water than you do these beverages. It is so common for people to be dehydrated during this time of year, so this year lets change that!
  4. Workout before heading out – it is no secret that working out burns calories, but it is not common knowledge that by working out you are actually burning calories all throughout the day afterwards, not just DURING the workout. Working out before you go to a party will help you burn calories quicker, and not leave you with the extra weight at the end of the season.

These are my four tips that I am going to be following throughout the holiday season! Last year I definitely overindulged because I felt like I was deprived during the week. This lead me to feel sick during the get togethers and it did not allow me to really be present with my family and friends, that’s why this year I am taking a different approach and I hope you implement some of these as well. For more insight on my progress throughout the holiday season follow me on my IG account: @missbissfitniss

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