My Six Rules

I feel like recently most of my posts have been about nutrition. I have been writing about it a lot in here because I know how much I struggle this time of year to stay on track, and I know I am not the only one. Recently, my nutrition has been quite bad. I have not been able to stick to my portion controlled lifestyle, and really I just do not want to anymore. I love my carbs way too much to keep them too low, and I want to enjoy the holiday season guilt-free. Because of that I have come up with six rules that I am going to live by in terms of my nutrition. If I keep up with those rules throughout the day I will give myself a blue check mark in my planner. My goal is to have 7 blue check marks by the end of the week. I will be doing this until I can make a habit out of eating this way.

The reason why I am confident that I can continue to eat this way 7/7 days a week is because it is NOT depriving at all, and I have based my rules around what my body needs. Everyone’s bodies are different, so some of these rules may not apply to you. Like always, I encourage you to find a plan that works best for you. However, I strongly believe learning what other people are doing is beneficial. So here are my six nutrition rules:

  1. Wake up and hydrate – I have talked about this before. When your body wakes up it is very dehydrated and low in electrolytes. So every morning, before I even begin meditating I fill a cup with water, put a lemon in it and drink it.
  2. Fat first – No carbohydrates in the morning for this girl. I am only allowing myself to have a high fat coffee, and eggs with cheese. This will cause my body to use its glycogen supply, rather than relying on added glucose right in the morning.
  3. One fruit goes a long way – As I discussed in a previous post, fruits are high in fructose. Fructose is a complex sugar that can only be made into glycogen and stored in your fat tissue. Therefore, although fruit is good for you, too much can actually cause you to gain unneeded fat. That is why I am only allowing myself to eat one cup of fruit a day.
  4. Eat yo veggies – Veggies are SO important to your health. That is why I have to eat at least 4 cups of vegetables per day. If I do not.. no blue check mark for me!!
  5. No processed foods – This is where I am slightly subjective. In this category I list chips, popcorn, any type of fast food, and packaged cookies. I do not, however, list candies or chocolates. I like these way too much and I refuse to give them up. To me, giving up all the rest is fine. It also stops me from eating other types of treats, because if I want a cookie I actually have to make it, and that will deter me from eating the sweets altogether.
  6. Stop the soda – Ever since I was a little girl I was addicted to Coca Cola. In high school I was drinking 2 cans of Coke a day. INSANE RIGHT? I have been able to cut WAYYY back, but over the holidays when I am going to family’s houses, I often reach for the sugary drinks. So because I have this rule (and I WANT those blue check marks #Ineedgoldstars) I will not be filling my body with pure sucrose.

So there they are!! My six nutrition rules. So far, they have been keeping my fairly on track. I am always looking for ways to improve my health, and overall life, and because of that they may be revamped in the future. I will continue to keep you updated!

If you want to start your own rules, reach out to me!! I would love to help you stay on track this holiday season! Or you can follow me on Instagram @missbissfitniss to keep up with all my latest goings on!

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