Growing up I was always told by my teachers AND parents that once I finished my education I would find one job that I would do for the rest of my life. I believed that for more than 20 years, then I realized how WRONG that is. Not only are you not required to do the same thing that you went to school for, you are also not required to continue in the same job for the rest of your life. Another thing.. who says that once you leave school you cannot go back? I truly believe that I will continue to go back to school for the rest of my life.

In this day and age we cannot afford to have only one job. We as millenials will always be working at least two jobs, because that is just how the economy is. When I realized that back in July I was terrified. I was so scared to change my ‘one job’ view that I fought it for so long. I thought that having more than one job would make me look like a failure. I thought that by working two jobs it made me look like I was not good at my other job so I had to get a second.

Now I know just how wrong I was. 

Having two jobs does not mean you are bad at either of them, it means that you are great at more than one thing and THAT is something to celebrate! I thought I was giving up on my business when I became a tutor, but what I did not realize was that by becoming a tutor I was actually helping my business. I was no longer putting all the pressure on my business, allowing the Universe to its thing, and therefore surrendering my desires. This has helped me in both my business, and in my tutoring.

Once we stop going to school it in no way means we cannot go back.  

I thought that once I got my degree I would be done school, but now I realize just how silly that is. There are two things in life that can make you ridiculously happy:

  1. Doing the things that you love
  2. Continuing to grow in the things you love

By only allowing yourself to go to school until you complete ‘the’ degree you will be stifling your growth. Even if you are doing what you love, if you do not continue to grow you will become unhappy. Humans were meant to learn, so why does our society make it seem like it is ‘wrong’ or ‘weird’ to go to school after you hit a certain age? Or after you have a certain degree? I firmly believe that learning and growing are the keys to becoming authentically happy.

That is why, although I am happy with where my life is right now, I will continue to push myself to do MORE. This week I am applying to a Wellness Coaching program at Humber (an Ontario college) it is a one year degree that I can do online while I continue to grow my business and tutor in the evenings. Once I have received that degree I can help others outside of my current company, and work with them on their individual needs. I also have plans to go to teacher’s college. That way, I can become a teacher if I so choose, OR if anything, I will become a better tutor.

There are always things that you can do to grow, you just have to take the risk.  

Going back to school is scary. I was not a huge fan of my last two years of university. However, after a lot of contemplation I have determined why and I will avoid those things at all costs. It is also scary because I will have to pay even more money towards. However, I know that when I show the Universe I am serious it is going to reward me in huge ways. Sometimes you just have to follow your intuition even if your ego is telling you its wrong.

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