Money and the Holidays

Tis’ the season to spend money.

I really do envy the people whose love language is giving gifts. Don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE the looks on people’s faces when they open up a gift I spend time searching for. I also LOVE shopping. I love looking around the stores and picking out the perfect present.. but then it comes to checkout and there are a million things running through my head that I can use the money for.

I could use it to pay down my Visa.

I could use it to pay down my student loans.

I could use it to pay for things [I] need.

But in the spirit of Christmas … I buy the present, with a pit in my stomach.

This year is going to be different, though. I can feel it. I finally have the budget that I do not have to use my Visa to pay for the presents, and I have really worked on my money mindset over the past 6 months. I no longer get anxious when I buy groceries, or when I have a ‘fancy’ drink from a coffee shop. I really have realized how abundant money is and it will come to me whenever I need it.. but the holidays are really going to be where I put this new money mindset to the test.

Not only will there be gifts to buy, but there will be dinners to be had and all the ‘extras’ that go along with the season. On top of that, I was having an ever-growing fear since the beginning of September that I would be making a fraction of money from tutoring that I had been making over the course of the school year so far. Then I remembered… EXAM SEASON. High school students won’t want to stop tutoring during Christmas break because they will want help with studying!

There are always ways to make money, money is everywhere.

THAT is my holiday motto. Money is abundant, and comes to me (and you) freely even through the hardest financial time of the year.

Remembering exam time is not the only reminder I have had that money is abundant. I have been continuously pulling the card to remind me to “pray before I pay”. Essentially, this is telling me to remember how grateful I am that I have the money to buy Christmas presents while also having the money to pay my bills.

Praying before you pay is a way to thank the Universe for the abundance that you have. STOP associating bills with ‘bad’. They are just a way for money to be transferred. The money will inevitably come back! Thank money and the Universe every time you swipe your card this holiday season, because that means you have the money to spend!

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