I have definitely written about this before.

Life’s purpose. 

In my blog post yesterday I wrote about how everyone has different life paths, which is all fine and dandy [if] you know what your path/purpose is supposed to be… but what if you don’t?

I have spent the better part of this year determining my life’s purpose. I went from thinking that I HAD to be a pharmacist (or something like that), to realizing that I do not HAVE to be anything. Once that realization sinked in, and I cancelled my application to pharmacy school, I had to dive deep into what I actually wanted to do. There were two things I knew:

  1. I never again wanted to feel uncomfortable in my body.
  2. I want to be home with my children.

Those two realizations made choosing to stay a coach a non-starter.

However, although I love(d) coaching, I began to feel like there was something else missing in my life. On top of the fact that I was (still am not) at a place in my business that could pay all of my bills per month, I also felt like I was not supposed to be just a coach. I felt like I could not just have one job for the rest of my life. So I went soul searching, and what I found surprised even me….

I realized I was passionate about teaching.  

There is a huge need for math tutors, especially female ones, so I felt like I could fulfill that need for so many young children and teenagers in my area. I soon grew to absolutely love my job. I now work for two different companies, and even freelance on my own and I could not be happier.

But then society creeps in…

Once people saw how freaking good I was at my job (yes I am going to toot my own horn), they began asking about my ‘next step’, as if I am supposed to have one. This got me to doubting what I chose for my life. I knew I loved coaching and would never give that up, but their questions left me feeling like I should not want to be ‘just’ a tutor.. as if being a tutor is not a hard enough job as it is! People continue to ask me when I am going to teacher’s college, and my answer is always the same.. I do not think I am. And then I get the look.. the ‘I pity you’ look that I used to get when I told people I work for a MLM company. This began to really get to me, to a point where I began to question everything I had created, but then I pulled a card this morning that brought me back down from my tizzy: “I don’t need to find my purpose, my purpose will find me”

This reminded me that if I am happy, I am paying my bills and everything is moving forward in my life I am fulfilling my purpose, no matter what society is saying to me.

Here is a reminder today.. you do not need to know what you going to be doing in 10 years, but you do need to be happy with what you are doing right now. If you are not, here are some steps I took to truly love the life I am living:

  1. Move to an area where you feel you can grow. If you are currently living somewhere that you hate, I highly suggest you find another place to live. Living in a place of high vibes is the first way to begin your soul searching.
  2. Listen to podcasts/read personal development books. Some of my favourite podcasts include: The Melissa Ambrosini Show, RISE, and Happier. Some of my favourite personal development books include: The Judgement Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein, The Universe has your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein, ANY book by Gretchen Rubin, Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, and Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini.
  3. Start journalling. You do not have to have plan, but commit a few minutes every day to write out what you are feeling. Basically, start a diary. Over time you will see patterns start to arise and from there you can work towards improving your current situation.
  4. Make small changes. Do not try to uproot your life all at one time. Take it slow. Build your dream life one step at time, do not overwhelm yourself.
  5. Say FUCK YOU to society and do what makes you happy.

Here is your daily reminder: you are loved, you are cared for and it will get better, you just need to put in the work.

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