We all do it. We see those people on Instagram and think about how much their lives rock and how much our lives suck. Well here is a newsflash for you.. everyone posts THE best parts of their lives on social media. I don’t go online when I am in the middle of an anxiety attack and show you how I look, or when my grandma died I didn’t go on my feed and post a video of me crying from heartbreak.

I try to be as open and honest as possible. I WILL go on social media after a bad attack and talk about it, but that’s not until everything has settled down. Everyone is like that. NO ONE wants to show you their bad days, so all you see are their good days.

Stop comparing your life to someone else’s.

Maybe on a particular day you are having a hard time, but someone else is loving life. How is that a fair comparison? The answer is .. it’s not! They are rocking their life that day, but that does not mean that tomorrow they will be as happy.

Do you want to know why you compare …?

Because you are so close to having that thing that someone else has! I constantly compare myself to others who are debt free, because [I] am so close to being there. I always compare myself to others who have a house, because I am at a stage in my life where I could buy one soon too. I compare myself to people who are farther along in my business, because I am almost there as well! You know who I don’t compare myself to? People who are travelling all the time, because I have NO desire to spend my life travelling. I also don’t compare myself to people who are still in school because I also have NO desire to do that.

This is the same concept for you.

Figuring out who you compare yourself to can be a huge eye-opener for what your goals are. If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to someone who is a Realtor, for example, maybe that is the life you want! If you are always jealous of the stay-at-home moms maybe you want to do that instead of your corporate job.

Your passions are always trying to come out, you just have to listen.

Here is your task for today: focus on who you compare yourself to and write out what they are doing different than you. This could initiate a massive and positive change in your life !

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