Hey babe … this is just a reminder that busy is NOT your superpower.

I don’t know when it started .. probably way before I was born.. but people actually take pride in the fact that they get no sleep. I tutor students all the time and they are PROUD to tell me that they will only get 4 hours of sleep that night. And I say the same thing I tell my clients ….

Sleep is more important than anything else.

All throughout high school and even university I never ONCE sacrificed my sleep. I did a whole bunch of other unhealthy things, but I never went to bed at an unreasonable time and woke up a mere 3 hours later. Even during exams. Even when I worked three jobs AND had a research project I was still able to get that much needed 6-8 hours of sleep. Why you may ask … BECAUSE I PRIORITIZED IT! Even if I did nothing else for my health that day, at least I went to bed in a timely fashion and slept for the recommended amount of time. Was I stressed out sometimes? Sure. Sometimes did I go to bed without everything checked off my to-do list. Absolutely. But I knew that if I got my sleep I would be able to come back to it in the morning with a fresh pair of eyes.

Another issue I come across all the time is that people go to bed at a good time, but can’t fall asleep. It seems to be happening more and more every day. Let me tell you… I get it! I used to have to take sleeping pills because I couldn’t shut my brain off at night, but I was able to get off of them within 3 years because I began to find better, more natural ways to help me get to sleep.

In university when my brain was running on 100% 24/7 I had a hard time shutting it off right when I got in the bed so here is what I did: I would put on a murder mystery! I would put it on low and I would have a timer on my television so it would shut off if I didn’t touch it for 20 minutes. The people in the show ALWAYS talked quietly and with monotone voices so it helped me focus on the pattern and fall asleep.

Then I learned having a television in your room isn’t good for you.

So I vowed to find other ways to get the restful night sleep my body needed. I have come up with a series of hacks that I am going to outline below:

1) Do not sleep with your phone in your room. Looking at your phone right before you go to sleep will only make your brain more wired.

2) Turn off your wifi and put your phone in Airplane mode. Wifi emits EMT waves, which are not good for your body. Since I started doing that I can literally feel the difference in my sleep when I keep the wifi on versus when it is off.

3) Have a nighttime routine. Start getting ready for bed before you are even tired. This tells your body that it is time to wind down. I personally brush my teeth, take my medication, and turn off all the lights in the house except for the lamp in my bedroom.

4) Diffuse lavender, or an essential oil blend with lavender in it. The scent helps calm your mind and body, and you can focus on the sound of the diffuser until you fall asleep.

5) This not something I do every night, but on nights when I am having a particularly hard time going to sleep I use masturbation. Yes I said it. I masturbate! My boyfriend works nights so sex isn’t an option (which it could be for you), so I pleasure myself instead. It helps calm my mind and body and I get a rush of endorphins right before dozing off.

It still amazes me how many people have a hard time falling asleep at night and how many people just don’t sleep! If you are one of those people try some of my hacks outlined above and start treating your body like the temple it is!!

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