You. Are. Unique

Finding out who you [are] can be one of the hardest, but most rewarding things you will ever do in your life.

Trust me, I did it.

It took me an entire year of diving into myself and really accepting the things I discovered. Diving into [me] was probably one of the toughest, but most fun tasks I have ever done. It was hard to work through the anxiety, but it was fun to put in the work and really learn who I am as a person. The HARDEST part was accepting the things I found out to be true. That was what took me the longest.

When society has caused you to create the “right” version of yourself, it can be hard when you begin to challenge it.

Below I am going to outline some of the things I did to really figure out who [I] am:

1) I started reading personal development. I had NO idea what to read, but I took suggestions and just went for it. I read the books that really stood out to me and what I was going through at the time. If you don’t know where to start you can reach out to me on Instagram @missbissfitniss or simply Google personal development books and see what ones speak to you.

2) I started using meditation as a way to clear my head. This allowed me to start my day off without the anxiety of the previous day. If you need help getting started on your meditation journey I highly recommend looking into Gabrielle Bernstein.

3) I started journaling ANYthing that came into my head. I began talking to the Universe as if it was a pal and I told it my struggles. I wrote to the Universe to tell it about how much I was judging myself and how I wanted to fix that. I ALSO wrote out gratitudes (still do). I wrote out the things I was grateful for, even if it was only the fact that I had clean water.

4) I started realizing what I really wanted from my future and then building my actions around that. I realized I wanted to be a mother more than anything else in the world, so I made conscious decisions that would propel me in that direction. I realized I wanted to live in the country, so my boyfriend and I moved back to our hometown. I also realized that I HATED working for other people. I was not a very good worker when I had someone constantly looking over my shoulder, so I told myself I would never work a “typical” 9-5 job again.

5) I ACCEPTED MYSELF. I dove into who I was completely. Sure, I don’t like to hang out with people on a regular basis, that doesn’t make me weird. Ya, I need more than the average amount of sleep, I made a schedule that worked for my body’s needs. Yes I have a degree that I am never going to use, so what? I just ACCEPTED who I was and I loved myself for all the quirks, because even if you know yourself, if you don’t love yourself what is the point ?

My suggestion to you… to the girl who is reading this who is lost. Don’t think about it, just start! You don’t have to start where I did or where your friend did, start in a place that feels right for you! And then when you get to the end, once you are doing something that lights your soul on fire KEEP doing that and STOP judging yourself for it! You are unique and when you use your gifts you are going to make the world a better place!

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