Take Time

Yesterday was my first day back at work full-time.

After my grandma passed away I did not give myself enough time to grieve. I went to her funeral, got closure and then the day after I was at a student’s home. I jumped right back into my life when I was nowhere near ready. Because of that I became extremely depressed, and I had no motivation to run my business or even teach my students. So I took time off from my business and tutoring for almost two weeks.

I needed that rest. My body and mind were craving it. They needed time to recuperate. I needed to not think for a few days. I needed to sit on the couch and literally do nothing.

I needed to not be needed.

I do not feel guilty for taking time for me. I deserved a break. It was the first time in 4 years I got a Christmas vacation. I was well-overdue for some down time. But I know that there are people (women) out there who feel guilty when they take time off. They think that they have to be there for others 24/7. They have to do the laundry for their husbands/boyfriends. They have to take the dog out because there is no way their children can do it. They have to go into work because the office will collapse without them … well let me just tell you this ladies … THE WORLD IS GOING TO BE OKAY WITHOUT YOU!

I know .. crazy right??

Does anyone else ever notice that men take time off and never feel guilty about it? My boyfriend takes the ENTIRE winter off and never once apologizes, because he doesn’t have to! He works his ass off all summer long, he deserves a break. But so do I .. yet I felt the need to explain to him when I was in school why I couldn’t work three part-time jobs, clean the house AND be a full-time student. I felt bad that I didn’t clean the house every week. I felt like I owed it to him because he worked so hard during the summer.

Or even the fact that I feel like I have to clean the house every day now. I feel like because I am home every day I should have to clean the house because I have the time. He doesn’t ask me to do it. He probably wouldn’t even notice if I went a few days without cleaning but [I] would feel bad.

Ladies.. we do it to ourselves!

Our families appreciate everything we do, but they don’t notice if we “slack” for a little bit. Yet we think we are the worst if we take a day for ourselves.

I spend a whole day on the couch and I feel like I HAVE to do something to compensate. My boyfriend spends the whole day on the couch and he plans to do it again tomorrow.

I KNOW it is not just him.

My parents are the same. My mom works, cleans the house, does the laundry, cuts the grass and gardens but so HELP HER GOD if she takes a whole day to herself. My dad works hard, but on weekends he has no guilt about doing his thing. THAT IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!

It’s not that the men’s way of life is wrong or “lazy”.. it’s that WE think we have to be constantly doing something to earn our rights. Well let me just tell you.. that’s so wrong!! You were put on this Earth because you have a purpose but you cannot fulfill your purpose if you burn yourself out before you reach your potential! So take a day OR TWO and enjoy your own company without guilt. Because girl… you should never have to prove that you are worthy of relaxation!

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