My Happiness Project – January Resolutions

As I mentioned in earlier blog posts I am doing a happiness project this year, inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project. I have chosen 12 themes that I want to encompass each month of the year and then I have chosen resolutions around each theme. This month I have four:

1) Meditate and Journal to Begin Day

2) Dance Naked

3) Music Once A Day

4) Take a Nap

I have been doing very well at starting my day with journaling and meditating. I really like this resolution because it sets me up for the day and really creates a positive atmosphere for me to work in. There have been days where I haven’t done it. Either because I had to tutor in the morning or because I waited until a little later in the day, but overall I have been doing well with this resolution, and I will definitely continue it into the next eleven months.

As for dancing naked.. it has actually proven to be a hard one for me to do. I have been doing it almost every day, but getting myself to actually danced naked before going into the shower has been a task and a half. Especially when I feel like I could spend those 2-3 minutes doing other things. However, it has had the desired effect. I chose this resolution for two reasons: one because jumping around without a bra on is good way to move the lymph out of your breasts and because when you are dancing naked in front of the mirror you see EVERYTHING. Seeing all of the lumps and bumps on my body has really made me appreciate it even more. It has allowed me to fall in love with my body. I will also be continuing this habit into the next eleven months.

Music once a day has been EASY. The reason why I put this on there was because I was finding myself listening to music rather than listening to things that could actually expand my mind and improve my mindset. By only allowing myself to listen to music during one of my daily tasks it gives me more time to listen to personal development podcasts. I will definitely continue this habit.

The one resolution that I have had the hardest time with is taking a nap daily. I just can’t seem to find time. I chose this resolution because I thought it would be a good way to break up my days between coaching and teaching. When I do do it, it has the desired effect, but it is just getting myself to do it. I have also noticed that on days when I nap I am a much more patient teacher, which is awesome. I would love to continue this habit, but first I really need to start forming it.

I decided to update you guys today because we are now halfway through January (crazy right??). So far this month I can see that these resolutions are making me happier! I look forward to seeing what they will be doing for me at the end of the month and even at the end of the year!

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