How to be an Influencer

I have had a lot of women ask me recently how I became an influencer so I wanted to highlight some of the steps [I] took to have an impact in people’s lives.

1) Partner with a MLM company. Personally, I believe that the easiest way to get yourself out there, make an impact and make money while you are doing it is to partner with a MLM company. Most MLM companies that I have seen put personal development ahead of everything else. This includes reading books, listening to podcasts, or absorbing material that will ultimately make you a better human. Because these companies set the groundwork for being the best you can be, you can set the groundwork for others to be the best they can be.

2) Be the light. You don’t need to do any fancy tricks. You don’t need to push people. You simply just have to work to improve you and then share it with others on social media. Be the best version of yourself and share it.

3) Create a platform away from social media. What I mean by that is once you gain traction don’t just stay on social media. The algorithms are confusing and it is hard to get your material out to the people who you want to share it with. Create a blog, or a vlog, or even a podcast. That is ultimately where you are going to make the most impact. People who are really interested in your journey will seek out your content and actually be able to find it without everyone else’s pictures bombarding them.

It’s really that simple. Be you. Share you. That is how you influence others to join the journey you are on or to create one of their own. Don’t worry about how anything looks. Don’t worry if you posts aren’t “good” enough. It’s not about that. It’s about being genuine and really connecting with the people who will benefit most from your content.

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