The End of January Review

Is it just me or did January feel like the longest and shortest month EVER?! A part of me is wondering where the time went and another part is questioning why it isn’t already March!

Nonetheless.. it is January 31st which means it is time to discuss my Happiness Project!

Last month’s theme was Mindfulness. I worked on ME. I resolved to journal and meditate right when I woke up, dance naked once a day, take a nap and only listen to music once throughout the day. Here are my takeaways from last month’s resolutions:

1) it is extremely hard to nap once a day! I did not think it would be that difficult. So instead of napping every single day I am ALWAYS going to set aside one day on my calendar where I either relax all day or take nap. Because let’s be real.. not every week will I have time to take an entire day to relax, but I sure as hell can nap once a week.

2) I love dancing naked! It brings me so much joy and it has taught me to love my body so much more! I do find, however, it is difficult to find time to dance naked if I do not shower that day. So.. I am going to make it part of my showering routine! Before I get into the shower I will dance naked.

3) I love journaling and meditating in the morning! It really sets my day up well and I am so much happier throughout it, but I do find it hard to get it in RIGHT when I wake up, so I am going to focus on journaling and meditating every day, and count it as a win if I get it done, no matter what time!

4) The whole “music once a day” thing was kinda stupid. It did not make me feel happier to only listen to my “Rocking Playlist” once a day, so I am going to scratch that! As long I get in my personal development and don’t listen to music INSTEAD of a podcast I will be happy.

January was a hard month for me, but I feel like my resolutions definitely made it easier!

February’s theme is Relationship. My resolutions are going to be focused solely on creating a happier relationship with Kirk. February is a perfect month to do this because not only is it Valentine’s Day but it is also his birthday! Like January I have come up with four resolutions to follow:

1) Have sex. I enjoy sex (I REALLY do) but for some reason I can always find a reason why we shouldn’t have it. I’m tired. I’m sick. I’m stressed. I’m cold. But I am DONE with making excuses. There will be sex this month. To be real.. by the end of the month it probably won’t happen every day, but I am hoping I can make this habit to at least be intimate 3x per week.

2) Say I love you. Kirk and I are pretty good at saying I love you. We never hang up the phone without saying it. We say it before we go to bed at night *if* he is home. But I never text him during the day saying it. I never say it to him before I go to bed if he is working nights and we don’t just say it spontaneously. So I’m February I am going to work on saying it more.

3) Bring home treats. Neither one of our love languages is getting gifts (his is acts of service and mine is quality time), but it makes us BOTH feel good when I bring him home something he wasn’t expecting. So every day I am going to leave him something special.

4) Listen. I am REALLY bad at this. I will half listen to what he is talking about or be on my phone when he is telling me story. In February I am hoping to make listening (REALLY listening) a good habit so he feels acknowledged.

I am excited to start this fresh month with fresh resolutions ! I am also excited to see if I can make all four of these things into strong habits.

If you are doing a Happiness Project .. what is your them and resolutions for next month?! I would love to hear them!

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