Meditation is honestly a God send.

But it wasn’t always easy… I struggled really hard in the beginning to settle my mind and calm my nerves down. Today I want to give you 5 tips on how you can begin to meditate and actually enjoy it. I also want to give you 5 ways meditation has saved my life.

First.. my tips:

1) Do not try to sit for a certain amount of time. In the beginning I was always so worried about how LONG I meditated for. I would put a timer on and when I could only sit there for thirty seconds I would feel discouraged. I would force myself to stay in my meditation even when I clearly was not enjoying it and it was driving my nerves crazy. Then I stopped putting on a timer. I sat there for as long as I could and I gradually came to place where I can sit for 5 minutes without even realizing it. I went slow and steady and made it something that I actually enjoy.

2) Say a mantra. My mantra changes every day and it is only a couple of words. The general gist is when I breath in I breath in a good word like “Happiness”, “Calm” or “Abundance” and when I breath out I breath out a bad word like “Stress” or “Fear”. This helps me focus on bringing positivity into my life while simultaneously removing negativity.

3) Let your mind wander. I tried for so long to get my mind to be quiet. I know that the general point of meditating is to calm your mind, but by forcefully making it shut down you are not going to have a joyful meditation. Instead you are going to come out more stressed out than you were when you went in. When I sit on my meditation pillow I allow my mind to think about anything and everything. I don’t have a filter. I find this helps me deal with my negative emotions, especially with the breathing.

4) Breath deep. When I say breath deep I mean really, really, REALLY deep! Breath so deep that you feel like you are entering the bottom of your lungs. This may be hard at first when you are beginning because your breath is so tense that you cannot reach the bottom, but eventually, as you continue to meditate you will be able to feel the block at the bottom of your lungs release and you will have a rush of relief flow to you. I sit on my meditation cushion every day until I feel that relief. It may take 3 breathes or 30 but I get there eventually.

5) Journal either before or after. Journaling is a way to release your feelings. A lot of things can come up in a meditation. I find it a lot easier to journal before. I write out all of my emotions. I write out all of the negative and positive emotions so when I sit down to meditate all of the emotions are gone and I only have to focus on my breath. Journaling after can also work. After you do your deep breathing you can journal out all of the emotions that came to the surface during it.

Here are five ways meditation saved my life:

1) It allowed me to get off of my antidepressants. Because I do it every day I am allowing myself to feel the negative emotions and then release them into positive ones. This helps me to control my depressive episodes.

2) It has made me a calmer person. I am NOT a calm person, but I am much calmer than I used to be. I now utilize my breathing techniques in every day life so I don’t get so overwhelmed.

3) It gets me out of bed in the morning. This can be linked to number one. Because meditation both inhibits my depressive episodes and helps me once I am in them. When I am depressed I have a hard time getting out of bed, but I know that if I do I get to meditate and it will make me feel even just slightly better.

4) It allows me to have a deeper connection to the Universe. When I meditate I pull cards and they are always something that I need to hear. These cards help me feel connected and help me see that I am not alone.

5) It brings me pleasure the way nothing else can. The best way to describe the way I feel when I have gotten to the deep bottom of my lungs is having a breath orgasm. It just makes me feel so good and so light. It really allows me to be more positive throughout my day.

I hope this post was helpful. If you try any of these tips please let me know on IG @missbissfitniss !

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