Trust your Gut

Trust your gut!

How many times have you been told that, and yet you still second guess yourself? I know [I] have second guessed my gut on more than one occasion and each time the situations never really turned out in my favour.

I believe our gut reactions are communication from the Universe. These feelings are warnings from the Universe to be wary of our decisions. I, like most people, have had instances where I have had an awful feeling in my gut and I have chosen to listen.. but here are a couple examples from recently where listening to my gut was an amazing decision.

*Remember not all gut feelings are BAD some are good!*

1) Becoming an influencer. I initially said no to my coach when she reached out to me 6 months prior to my partnering with the health and fitness company I am partnered with right now. I was not in the right place emotionally or financially to become one of her clients.. but I continued to follow her. I followed her journey for six months until I clicked the link to a free info group where her and her mentor were showing other women what they did for a living. I clicked on that link because I had that pull.. that *gut reaction*. I had another one as soon as I read the first few posts on the page. I signed up that day and since then my life has forever changed. Some of you reading this may already know HOW my life has changed but for those of you who do not I will outline some of things that partnering with a health and fitness company gave me: I lost 7+ inches, I got my confidence back , I learned to view food as fuel and not as something to binge when you are emotional, I was introduced to the world of personal development and I finally found a community of women I felt like I belonged in. I got all of this and MORE simply because I listened to my gut.

2) Saying no to a retail job over the holidays. In November I began to get really worried about the upcoming holiday season and the amount of money I would be making. I knew that my health business would be not as lucrative over the holidays as many people were trying to save money to buy presents or were just not interested in starting a fitness routine that close to Christmas. In addition, I also thought my tutoring business would be going down as students did not want any help over the holidays. So I applied to a retail job, and since I had worked for that company before I was hired. When they initially called me I said yes to the opportunity immediately, but as I went through my night I felt this horrible, gut wrenching feeling that I had made a huge mistake. I could have ignored it, but instead I called the next day to decline the offer. And thank goodness I did ! I ended up teaching more hours than I thought and it also allowed me time to grieve my grandma who passed away in November. If I hadn’t listened to my gut I would have been giving away shifts or forcing myself to go to work when I was not ready. So thank goodness I listened!

Here are two examples from my life that I hope you will return to when you want to ignore your gut that next time it is trying to tell you something.

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