Have you ever looked for support from your friends and family on something before you even decided if you wanted to do it?

I know I have.

Surprisingly it wasn’t when I began my business, or decided to become a part of an online community despite our financial situation. It was when I decided to go full-time, or more specifically when I decided I no longer wanted to continue my education.

I knew for months before I even brought it up. I was miserable, and the only part of the day that I actually enjoyed was sitting down and working on my business for a couple of hours. I would skip classes to work on my blog or message people in classes instead of taking notes.

Then in December 2017 I reached out to my boyfriend and my parents to ask them if it was okay that I was doing something different with my life. I didn’t tell them that I WAS doing something different, nope, I asked them if I COULD do something different. Only when they said yes did I actually consider it. Because I needed their support before I made any decision about MY life.

I know I am not the only one. I know many of you who are reading this have also done that. You have been miserable where you are, yet you refuse to make a change without support from the people around you.

I have a secret though.. people will only support you IF you support yourself.

Did Kirk and my parents say yes? Yup! But purely out of love. They only started to support me when I began to get serious. They only started to cheer me on when I began to cheer myself on. Because before that they were afraid to. They were uncertain, and that’s normal. It is not their job to be certain about my future, it is MY job.

Are you struggling right now with a decision that you know in your gut is going to work for you? First, you need to listen to your gut. If you are struggling with that check out on of my prior blog posts:

Then you need to become confident. You need to support yourself and your decisions. It’s your life. No one else needs to support you and you shouldn’t put that much pressure on them. Your friends and family have enough going on in their lives they don’t need to be worried about supporting you in your journey. You need to wake up and start supporting yourself!

Here a few tangible tips you can take to start supporting your own dreams:

1) Do the work that is required to be successful every single day.

2) Every morning in your journal write out how you want to feel while you complete your daily tasks, and tell yourself how amazing you are for listening to your gut.

3) Cheer yourself on. Every time you get a win no matter how big or how small cheer yourself on. Be proud of your accomplishments.

4) Do not listen to the haters. Those people only want to tear you down. You cannot listen to them the same way you cannot look to your loved ones for support.

5) Be proud of yourself. No matter what happens, even if you are having a hard time, be proud that you continue to pursue your dreams.

I hope this helps you in some way. I felt like I was called today to talk about being supportive of yourself because I have definitely struggled with it for a long time, but let me tell you.. once you start to support yourself others will begin to follow behind. Just keep going.

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