Saying No

Since today is Valentine’s Day I figured I might as well gush about my love.

My boyfriend, Kirk, has many redeeming qualities. He is hardworking, caring, dependable, and loyal, but by far his greatest quality is his ability to say no.

Kirk is the king of boundaries. He is amazing at knowing what he wants and following through with it. He will say no to his work if he knows he is sick, or the weather conditions are bad. He will say no to an engagement because it does not sit right with his beliefs.

This quality is amazing to me because I struggle with it so much. I am a “yes man” type of person. I say yes to everything and anything even if I know it does not benefit me or if I do not want to do it. This often leaves me feeling resentful and burnt out, both of these qualities are unseemly. Kirk never experiences burnout nor is he ever filled with resentment and that makes our relationship so much easier.

Because Kirk has no problem with saying no I know that when he says yes he means it. I do not have to question him to dig deeper (like he has to do with me) and I can trust that when we are participating in an activity he will actually be enjoying himself. This personality trait makes his relationships so much more meaningful and a lot more easy-going.

If you are like me and struggle with saying no, try to take a page out of Kirk’s playbook. Try for a week to only say yes to things you really want to do. Try this and I bet your relationships will became a whole lot better.

Happy Valentine’s Day readers! I love you for continuing with me throughout this journey.

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