Year in Review

You are either growing or you are dying – Rachel Hollis

These are words that I live by.

Yesterday when I was driving to one of my student’s homes I reflected on my life from a year ago. I am happy to report that I am growing. Have you reflected on your life recently? If you look back to where you were a year ago are you better now than you were then?

If you are unsure where to start when you are reflecting, here are some areas you want to make sure you check the “growing” box on:

1) You are growing personally. Are you engaging in personal development each and every day? Are you journaling every morning? Have you gotten past any limiting beliefs that you had a year ago? For example: I believe I am growing in this category because I have made journaling and meditating a non-negotiable 6 days per week. Through that I have been able to get past many limiting beliefs, including my negative mindset towards money and forgiving my abuser.

2) You are growing in your relationships. This does not just have to be romantic relationships. This also includes relationships with family members and friends. For example: I believe I am growing in this category because mine and Kirk’s relationship is more open and honest than ever, and I have surrounded myself with people who lift me up. This time last year I was still involved in friendships with people who would rather tear me down than see me succeed. Now I only interact with women who lift me up, and who I lift up in the process.

3) You are growing financially. This does not have to be by very much, but you have to consider whether you are better off today than you were a year ago. For example: I am definitely much better off today than I was a year ago. My Visa is under its limit, I am making almost double what I made last year and I have a car that I can call my own. This does not have to be the case for you. You can be even further than I am. Kirk and I are still living with his parents, for instance. Or you could be less than where I am. You could just be making $10 more a month. Either way, if you are increasing you are growing.

Once a year, it doesn’t have to be in the new year. You should be reflecting on whether you are growing, because if you aren’t you are dying.

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