I feel like we as a society have a major issue with authenticity.

When I was first about to write this post I was initially going to say that in this day in age we have an issue with authenticity, but then I started thinking back to the generations before us and I realized it’s not just us. Throughout our entire existence as a species on this planet we have been inauthentic with the people around us, it’s just now, with the internet and social media it is so much EASIER to not be authentic.

Yesterday I pulled a card during meditation that read “My positive energy leaves a powerful impression on the world”. In part I feel like that is right, but that’s not the complete truth. Being happy and positive all the time is something most people are drawn to. They want a leader, a friend, a spouse and a parent to be happy because it is so much easier to be around someone that is positive. But I don’t think that being positive all the time is something that leaves a lasting impression on the world. I think being authentic is.

When I first became a coach and I had to plaster pictures of me all over the internet I only shared good things. I shared how much I loved my workout even if I didn’t. I shared how good my life was even though I felt like I was drowning. I shared those things because I thought that that was what people wanted to see. I thought they wanted me to be the happy-go-lucky coach that never complains. But then I did something to test the waters.. I shared about a bad day. A day where I was going through withdrawal because I forgot to take my antidepressants. And you know what? I got more engagement on that post than any of my other ones before. And you know why? Because I was authentic and sharing ME. Not just the positive parts, but all the parts. That’s when I decided to completely change how I showed myself on social media. I decided to show every single thing about my life good or bad.

It is so much harder to share everything. It is exhausting, quite frankly. There are days (like today) where all I want to do is hide, but instead I share to help someone else who may be going through what I am going through. It is scary because when you are 100% you people can judge and their judgements can hurt. But is all worth it.. because through my authenticity I AM making a powerful impression on the world. I am fighting conventions and I am showing other women AND men that they can do it too.

Ever since we became a species and we created different cultures we thrived on never telling the whole truth. Leaders would lie to their followers. Governments would only tell part truths. Women would wear clothes to make themselves look a certain way. Men would do physical tasks to make them feel and look strong. But that’s not how we grow. We need to stop worrying about what others will say, and instead think about the trust that can grow between if we just be who we are, without filters and without masks.

I hate that I have to put a filter on my picture, but without it people won’t go to my page. We are obsessed with the “pretty” and are scared of the “ugly”. I am not going to lie.. I do like the way I look when I put that filter on that magically makes me look more tan, but I hate that if I don’t share THAT picture I won’t get as many likes. This need to only be associated with pretty things is entrained in us and we have to stop. We have to stop only sharing about the positives, and start sharing everything. Because ladies and gents.. THAT is what is going to leave a powerful impressions. THAT is how we can begin to trust each other again. THAT is how we can stop comparing ourselves to others. And THAT is how we can begin to heal our wounds.

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