Feel Your Pain

So many people believe that the best way to feel better is to not allow themselves to feel the pain.

I get it, I felt that way too. For years I would bottle up my emotions, but then, guess what? They came back up time and time again because I did not allow them to run their course the first time.

For example, spring time is probably the hardest time of the year for me. It’s strange, I know. Most people with depression struggle in the winter because of the lack of sun, but not me. I have a very hard time once the weather starts to get warm. There are many reasons why I think I feel like this, but ultimately I have never really given myself the chance to figure it out because I have been so afraid of feeling.

This year is going to be different.

I am no longer afraid of my emotions. I have conquered them enough to get off of my antidepressants so I can sure as hell FEEL them. It’s not going to be easy. It is going to take a lot of work, and there are going to be days where I may not want to get out of bed, but I will push through.

Are you struggling with mental health issues? Have you been so afraid of your thoughts and emotions that you have pushed them down?

Here are some tips I can give you now (hopefully I will have more once I have conquered THIS hurdle) that can help you start to feel the emotions that you are afraid to feel:

  1. Journal. I feel like this is on every to-do list I give you, but it is probably the most important tool you can use when trying to conquer any mental illness. Start with writing out your fears and worries for the day. Write them all out on the paper. Write out how they make you feel and why you believe they make you feel like that. Then forgive them. Forgive the negative thoughts you were having. Continue doing this every morning and I promise you, you will feel lighter.
  2. Cry. If you are like me you hold back tears HARD. You do not ever want anyone to see you cry. You hide it from your family, your partner and your friends. You sometimes won’t even cry when there isn’t anyone there. Well I’m here to tell you to STOP it. Let it out. Let out the tears and if anger comes with it allow yourself to feel that too. I promise you will feel better afterwards
  3. Take a day. If you need a day, take it. Don’t try to be the hero. Don’t try to make it seem like everything is okay when you are barely making it through. Take the day. Admit to yourself and others that you cannot push through. It will save you in the long run.

These three tips are something I am still working on, but when I follow my own advice I am 1000% better. If you are like me implementing any of them will be difficult, but please give it a shot. Holding emotions in will never help you.

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