Random, but life changing points

Do you find the need to constantly control everything?

Me too.

I have lists upon lists. I have a list for my daily tasks. I have a schedule for my work week. I have a schedule for my work month. I have a checklist for my monthly tasks. I have so many lists that sometimes I feel overwhelmed.

I like to be in constant control of my time, and that need is exhausting.

Last month I was pushing for a major goal in my business and I did not reach it. I had a specific amount of tasks I had to get done every day, which I barely did because there were so many. I also had certain numbers I had to hit, which I was too busy controlling that I forgot that part of my job is to FEEL.

Last Saturday I went to one of the girls’ on MY team’s home. When I say that I mean that she is under me, so I am essentially her “boss” and we chatted about our monthly goals.

She ended up hitting them and I did not.

But instead of being competitive or controlling the way I always I am.. I instead decided to learn from her. I listened to my feelings to get her to chat and essentially what she said was I have to listen to my emotions MORE to grow my business.

This astounded me.

No more lists? No more numbers?

Cue the anxiety.

But I listened. And guess what? It has only been two days and this month is already better than last. All I did was release my need to be perfect, and just listened to how I feel.

This month is all about simply feeling and only doing things that feel RIGHT. Have you ever done something like that before? Or better yet.. have you ever taken advice from someone you are supposed to be mentoring? Because you have to remember that people were put into your life for a reason and when they come to teach you a lesson you better well listen.

This month is all about building my community and creating genuine connections. If you are a social media influencer or you use that for your bizz I highly recommend you try it. It is life changing.

This is not to say I wasn’t using emotions before, but I was definitely more caught up in numbers than I should have been.

To be honest .. I have no idea where this post was supposed to go. But I just wanted to share my new mindset and how I gained it by allowing people to teach me, even when I am supposed to mentor them. Try it sometime.

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