Community to Family

I have been talking a lot about this recently on my IG stories, but I have finally found my “girl” family.

I am a highly competitive person, who is also very blunt, so you can imagine that I turn a lot of people away. I have never really had a large group of girl friends for that very reason, but recently I have created community that is my own. It all started by me saying yes to an opportunity that I just thought would get me fit. Then I started to build a tribe of women that were like me. Over time the family has grown to where the 8 of us talk on a daily basis and it doesn’t feel forced, it feels organic.

Like I said before I never thought I would find a community like this. It was always just me and my boyfriend against the world. Of course I felt lonely because I did not have a female companion, but I accepted it because I had the love of my life by my side. Over time, however, I began to get lonelier and lonelier, and now I feel like a void has been filled.

It has taken me 22 years to find my tribe. A place where I am not competing. A place where I am genuinely happy for the women and they are genuinely happy for me. But it was all worth it. It was meant to take this long. I was meant to go through many years of feeling alone because that led me to seeking more opportunities, and ultimately leading me to them.

Here is a reminder: if you are going through something right now that may seem hard, keep trucking along. There is going to come a time when all of the hardship will make sense. Don’t give up, and accept any opportunity that feels RIGHT immediately because that may just be the thing that leads you to the ultimate happiness.

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