Thoughts to Actions

This is just a reminder that your thoughts don’t have to create your reality.

Have you ever heard that the vibes you put out there are going to affect your life? Or have ever heard that if you think positive, positive things will happen? I know I have. But what if you are unintentionally putting negative vibes out there, and if positive thoughts create positive life experiences then the reverse must be true.. negative thoughts must create negative experiences.

If you struggle from anxiety or depression you are most likely flipping out right now. You think negatively on a DAILY, and sometimes you cannot control what you think. You know it is irrational, but your mental illness is affecting your thought patterns. So now your worried. You are constantly thinking negatively even if you don’t want to, and now it’s not only affecting your sanity but it’s going to affect your entire life as well.

I’m here to say that is bullshit.

Your negative thoughts can most definitely affect your life IF you put them into action. No one knows your thoughts but you. The person who you are judging doesn’t know you are judging them unless you actively tell them you are. Your self-deprecating thoughts aren’t affecting your business unless you let them sit there and you don’t take action towards making your business grow.

I know I talk about the Universe a lot. Just the other day I wrote a post about visualization and how the Universe can sense those vibes, making it easier for you to get what you want. But that’s ONLY if you put in the work, the same is true about negative thoughts. If you allow your irrational, negative thoughts to control your ACTIONS then there will be a negative outcome. However, even if you cannot seem to get the irrationally negative thoughts out of your head as long as you do not act on them they are not affecting your life.

Obviously you should be working through them either with a therapist or on your own through journaling, but don’t be afraid of them. Don’t think that just because you cannot get that ONE bad commentary out of your head you are going to screw up your life, because that is simply not true. As long as your thoughts stay thoughts and they do not manifest into actions you are going to be okay.

Here is your daily reminder that not everyday is going to be great, but that doesn’t mean your life can’t be.

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