There is Always a Hurdle

I have written about my money mindset before, how I used to feel so much anxiety when I would go to pay for my groceries or how I used to wake up in the middle of the night filled with dread about my money situation. To how I moved past that to the point where paying for groceries was just another thing, how I was grateful for every penny I spent and every dollar I earned. I did that by doing two things consistently:

  1. Budget. I budget everything, and when I pay a bill or I get paid I put it in my excel spreadsheet for the month. That is how I can physically see my money and watch where it goes to.
  2. I appreciate every dollar I spend. I am thankful I have the money to do so, even if it fills me with some dread at the time.

But recently it has been harder for me to stay positive all the time, and that worried me. I was terrified that I was “going backwards” on my positive money mindset. I was all of a sudden filled with dread that I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills, and I became anxious before going to buy groceries. Then I came to a realization .. yes I am anxious because this month I am not going to be making as much as I have in previous months. I am not working as much and I am going on vacation. But that does not mean I am going backwards. I still know that money will flow to me when I need it and that the Universe would never leave me hanging. It never has and it never will. I also came to a very important realization ..

Even though I was thinking negatively it does not mean I am back where I started.

I am allowed to be worried sometimes. I am allowed to do calculations and work forward to make sure I can pay my bills, it’s the responsible thing to do. But that does not mean that I think I am lacking or that I am hating money for not being there for me. I know money is there for me and I know it comes to me when I need it most.

If you are struggling right now with anything to do with abundance I highly recommend you try my two tips from above, but also remember that it is okay to feel worried sometimes, it is not okay, however, to blame money for all your problems.

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