Travelling … not my forte

I’m gonna be so super honest with you … I have major travel anxiety.

I love going on vacation, but the few days before I am filled with so much stress that I can barely function.

Kirk and I are going on vacation tomorrow and for the past two days my stomach has been in knots and packing has brought my nerves to a whole other level. I actually have a stomach ache right now even thinking about it.

The worst part about travelling is that you can’t pack everything at once because you still need to use it while you are at home. That is what stresses me out the most. I have so many things I have to pack like my hair brush, or my medication that I cannot pack right away because I will still need them up until the time that I leave. That is what worries me. What if we forget them? What if we are at the airport and can’t turn back?

I also know that these fears are irrational, especially when travelling to the States. I can get everything I own in Canada when I get to my destination. It is honestly just the fact that I may forget something and then have to buy it that worries me. But I do really need to calm down.. so with a few tips from my friends here is my travelling game plan from now on:

1. Make a list. I bring three bags when I go away. I have a purse, a backpack and a suitcase. So I will make a list for each bag and then only check off the items when they are in my bag. This was recommended to me by a friend.

2. Pack with my friends on Zoom. When I can run my list by someone it allows me to feel a lot less paranoid.

3. Do most of the cleaning and the preparing the day before we leave. I like to have my house clean when I come home, but if I have a later afternoon flight I tend to do that the day of so that it is as clean as it can be, but realistically that is just not healthy for my stress level. So I will break down the tasks that need to be done and will do them sporadically a few days prior.

I honestly hope this helps. This stress makes me not want to ever go on vacation even though I know I will have fun once I get there. If you have any additional tips and tricks please let me know !

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