Another Blog Post

Check out my face in its raw form….

I want to write something inspiring today, but I do not really have anything inspiring to say. Honestly.. I have been feeling like that a lot lately. I just feel like I have nothing to put out into the world, nothing for my followers on my blog nor on my Instagram account. I guess it’s because I have been struggling a lot lately with my depression.

I have also been judging a lot lately. Not just judging because I want to be like someone, but I have also been judging other people’s actions. This leaves me feeling terrible.

Honestly .. this blog post may not be the most cohesive, or even that long. But I just needed to show up because I promised everyone following this blog that I would show up. I don’t have a lot of good info today or any tips. I just needed to say that everyone judges people for both the good and bad things that they do and that’s okay! You just have to realize that comparison will never get you anywhere, and sometimes when you judge someone for something bad that they are doing you may actually be judging yourself. Think about that…. when you are judging someone else you may actually just be judging yourself for that very same thing.

So if you take away anything from this blog post remember … not all blog posts are equal and sometimes judging others is just you judging yourself.

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