Everyone has their own path

I am back!

If you follow me on my IG page (@missbissfitniss) you would know that for the past week I was in Florida. I took the week off from blog posts and really any hardcore work, although I was vaguely present on social media throughout the week. Kirk (my boyfriend) and I flew down to Tampa to hang out with with his entire mom’s side of the family.

It was fun, but it was also a lot.

We live with Kirk’s parents so being with them for a week was nothing, and his grandparents are the sweetest. But his mom’s sister is a whole other story. She’s not mean, really, but she is very judgemental. The first night we got there she was already judging us for living in Kirk’s parents’ basement. Even though, firstly, we are only 23 and wait for it… her 27 year old daughter still lives at home. That immediately threw me off, so for the entire week I was on edge, feeling like I had to justify all of my life choices.

Kirk’s cousins were asking innocent enough questions about my careers, but I felt judged the whole time. Especially when one of them asked me if was still planning on going into pharmacy. I know this should not have bothered me. I made peace inside of myself a long time ago about never going back to school. I have a plan for my life. I want to own two businesses while simultaneously being a stay-at-home mom, no small feat there. However, I still find myself putting up guards around mine and Kirk’s families.

By the time it was time to go home I was feeling uneasy about returning to my life. I knew I loved it and I knew, deep down, that I had made the right decision for me and my future family, but I was scared. I was scared that since I was not in the corporate world I would not be able to get married and have children in a timely manner. I was also scared we would never be home owners. I was scared of so many things that I simply did not want to return to my life.

Then I remembered, it would have been so easy to hide what I was actually doing with my life so that Kirk’s family couldn’t ask judgemental questions, but instead I shared my truth.

I did that because I knew (I KNOW) that what I want out of life is my path. It doesn’t matter what others think, or whether or not they approve. Because, like Rachel Hollis says, other people’s opinions of me is none of my business. I spoke my truth even when I felt judged because I knew that what I was saying was right for me. It’s not right for everyone, but it’s right for me.

Even when you are afraid. Even when you feel judged, keep going on the path that lights your heart on fire.

We all need to learn to share our truth while simultaneously not judging others for sharing theirs. Everyone has their own path, everyone has their own desires, but as long as they are doing what is best for them there should be no judgement.

Let’s.. as a society.. work on this .. okay?

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