You Can Only Change Yourself

One of the hardest things I have ever had to learn is that you cannot change another person. When I was in high school I was in an abusive relationship.One of the reasons why I was in this relationship for so long was because I thought I could change my boyfriend. I thought that if... Continue Reading →

You. Are. Unique

Finding out who you [are] can be one of the hardest, but most rewarding things you will ever do in your life. Trust me, I did it. It took me an entire year of diving into myself and really accepting the things I discovered. Diving into [me] was probably one of the toughest, but most... Continue Reading →


Hey babe ... this is just a reminder that busy is NOT your superpower. I don't know when it started .. probably way before I was born.. but people actually take pride in the fact that they get no sleep. I tutor students all the time and they are PROUD to tell me that they... Continue Reading →


Comparing. We all do it. We see those people on Instagram and think about how much their lives rock and how much our lives suck. Well here is a newsflash for you.. everyone posts THE best parts of their lives on social media. I don't go online when I am in the middle of an... Continue Reading →


I have definitely written about this before. Life's purpose.  In my blog post yesterday I wrote about how everyone has different life paths, which is all fine and dandy [if] you know what your path/purpose is supposed to be... but what if you don't? I have spent the better part of this year determining my... Continue Reading →

Life Paths

Yesterday I went to Mississauga to see some friends I haven't seen since I moved in April. I felt lightheaded and dizzy as I drove to meet up with my best friend from third year. I was terrified to talk about how I was doing, and what my life was looking like now since I... Continue Reading →


A peaceful mind creates a happy life.  I have the bad habit of working myself into a tizzy whenever one thing goes wrong. Someone cancels this month's order of shakes.. I blame myself for changing my wallet (literally). My grandma passes away... I believe that it has now started a cascade of deaths and everyone... Continue Reading →

Past Anger

Recently I have been looking at a lot of pictures from when I was in high school. The first thing that comes into my head when I think back to who I was then, is confident. I may have been confident to the point where it bordered on ignorance.. but I was confident nonetheless. I... Continue Reading →

Money and the Holidays

Tis' the season to spend money. I really do envy the people whose love language is giving gifts. Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE the looks on people's faces when they open up a gift I spend time searching for. I also LOVE shopping. I love looking around the stores and picking out the perfect... Continue Reading →

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