Life is Short

Life is short.   I know... I know.. how many times have you been told that? But it really is, and it is time that we start taking it seriously. This morning I woke up to the saddening news that Kirk's uncle had passed away from terminal cancer. He was only 52 years old. He left... Continue Reading →

Surrender and Be Still

In this day and age we all assume that we are the most productive and will get the most results when we are highly anxious and get as little sleep as possible. I know I was definitely like that up until a few months ago. I would hustle and hustle, and if I was not... Continue Reading →

My Story Continued…

After starting my first program, and announcing that I wanted to be a coach for the rest of my life I really began to dig deep into me. Coaching allowed me to go on a spiritual journey that I had no idea I needed so badly. It all started with meditation cards.  As a prize... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of My Story

On Saturday night while I was folding my laundry I was listening to my company's weekly training call. The guest speaker was talking about how in 2018 alone she promoted herself 9 times. She said the secret was telling her story. Initially, I thought "I already do that, why am I not where she is?"... Continue Reading →

Life is Grey

I think one of the reasons I am such a fan of the hit television series "Grey's Anatomy" is because of its life lessons. Don't get me wrong, the drama and the attractiveness of some of the characters (Karev and Avery) are definitely high up there on the list, but the life lessons are what... Continue Reading →

A Crisis in my Twenties

I feel like I may be having a midlife crisis in my twenties.  I am IN LOVE with both of my jobs. I love tutoring math. It fills me with so much happiness when I see the light bulb go off on the children's faces, or when I can explain it in a way that... Continue Reading →

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