Dismay, Depression and Dreams

Holy smokes I haven't been in here in a while. To be honest, every day I wake up with the intention to write a post, but then every day I make an excuse as to why I can't. I have been struggling HARD with time management... something I have never really struggled with before. This... Continue Reading →

March in Review

As some of you may know this year I have undertaken a Happiness Project. What is a Happiness Project? It was created by the bestselling author Gretchen Rubin, and it is essentially what it is called. It is a project to work on your happiness. Every month you pick a theme and then you have... Continue Reading →

Everyone has their own path

I am back! If you follow me on my IG page (@missbissfitniss) you would know that for the past week I was in Florida. I took the week off from blog posts and really any hardcore work, although I was vaguely present on social media throughout the week. Kirk (my boyfriend) and I flew down... Continue Reading →

Another Blog Post

Check out my face in its raw form.... I want to write something inspiring today, but I do not really have anything inspiring to say. Honestly.. I have been feeling like that a lot lately. I just feel like I have nothing to put out into the world, nothing for my followers on my blog... Continue Reading →

Travelling … not my forte

I'm gonna be so super honest with you ... I have major travel anxiety. I love going on vacation, but the few days before I am filled with so much stress that I can barely function. Kirk and I are going on vacation tomorrow and for the past two days my stomach has been in... Continue Reading →

Take a Minute .. or maybe a Hour

Whenever you go through hard times do you ever blame yourself? I know I sure do. Even if there is nothing I could control I blame myself for allowing it to happen. I blame myself for the thoughts I might have had. Or the the actions I didn't take. I blame myself for everything... but... Continue Reading →

There is Always a Hurdle

I have written about my money mindset before, how I used to feel so much anxiety when I would go to pay for my groceries or how I used to wake up in the middle of the night filled with dread about my money situation. To how I moved past that to the point where... Continue Reading →

Thoughts to Actions

This is just a reminder that your thoughts don't have to create your reality. Have you ever heard that the vibes you put out there are going to affect your life? Or have ever heard that if you think positive, positive things will happen? I know I have. But what if you are unintentionally putting... Continue Reading →


Have you ever done a visualization exercise? Do you even know what it is? Bare with me... it may seem a little woowoo, but it is honestly so powerful. Write out in a journal or on a piece of paper where you want your life to be 5-10 years. Where do you want to be... Continue Reading →

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