Year in Review

You are either growing or you are dying - Rachel Hollis These are words that I live by. Yesterday when I was driving to one of my student's homes I reflected on my life from a year ago. I am happy to report that I am growing. Have you reflected on your life recently? If... Continue Reading →

Attention Seeking

My entire life I have been first. I am the first child by 7 years so I have always done things way before my brother. I was the first child to take to a sport and actually excel at it. I was the first child to graduate from elementary school, high school and post-secondary. I... Continue Reading →


Even if you have walked through a hard time and thought you healed yourself of those emotions you can go backwards, and that's okay! I have been dealing with exactly that when it comes to my money mindset. Back in August I worked really hard to see money as a friend and to realize just... Continue Reading →

Happy Medium

Having a type A personality but also having depression is a very difficult thing to juggle. When I am having an episode all I want to do is forget everything on my to-do list and lie on the couch, but the thought of that makes me crazy. Not checking off everything on my list every... Continue Reading →


Have you ever looked for support from your friends and family on something before you even decided if you wanted to do it? I know I have. Surprisingly it wasn't when I began my business, or decided to become a part of an online community despite our financial situation. It was when I decided to... Continue Reading →


Recently I have been obsessed with the podcast "Rise Together" created by Rachel&Dave Hollis. In this podcast they talk about how they have made their relationship exceptional while having busy lives and raising four children. They often talk about co-dependency in a relationship and how it can be detrimental. Kirk and I were definitely co-dependent... Continue Reading →

Trust your Gut

Trust your gut! How many times have you been told that, and yet you still second guess yourself? I know [I] have second guessed my gut on more than one occasion and each time the situations never really turned out in my favour. I believe our gut reactions are communication from the Universe. These feelings... Continue Reading →


Meditation is honestly a God send. But it wasn't always easy... I struggled really hard in the beginning to settle my mind and calm my nerves down. Today I want to give you 5 tips on how you can begin to meditate and actually enjoy it. I also want to give you 5 ways meditation... Continue Reading →

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